Step 3: Embellishing

I did a few custom thing to this holster. First I I carved and burned the model of the pistol into the strap. It was a little difficult because of the type of leather, but came out well. I also added a lighter color leather upper. Finally, my favorite, I used the end of a 38 special Casing as the front snap button. To fix the casing to the snap with a crush rivet. I had to make an adapter to make the rivet go in correctly.
When I was making it I anticipated the snagging issue, so it's not a huge issue. You just have to allow for the sight to slide all the way through with ease.
Awesome design. Definitely inspired me to try for my Raging Judge. Does you front sight post snag very much? If so, any particular remedy?
This is really cool. If it didn't say scrap in the title you wouldn't even know it. It looks like you just designed it that way.
Thanks! I was going for an organic look while trying new techniques.
If you get an upholstery awl which it looks like you may already have, Harbor Freight sells them, and look online at y tube for how to do a lock stitch, it is a great way to finish out some stitching like that. It's also great for reinforcing any other areas that might need it. I've used the lock stitch to sew entire areas it's very strong. It is a little harder than it looks at first.
Thank you, I'll give it a try!
extremely nice.
Thank you
With the weapon resting that low, you will either need a really stiff backing the length of the holster, or a loop for a string around your leg. Otherwise it is really difficult to draw, because the holster follows the weapon.
You are correct, and I have been thinking about adding a leg strap. If you draw straight up then its pretty smooth.