Build A Scrap Leather Holster


Step 4: Stitching And Rivets

Picture of Stitching And Rivets
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13, 3:59 PM.jpg
13, 3:59 PM.jpg
13, 3:59 PM.jpg
I prefer to stitch by criss crossing the thread, as pictured. One thing I have a problem with is tying off the finished thread, so with nylon thread, you can melt it together. Be sure to use leather cement in between your seams for added strength. Punch any holes and rivet the holster as needed.
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actionjksn1 year ago
If you get an upholstery awl which it looks like you may already have, Harbor Freight sells them, and look online at y tube for how to do a lock stitch, it is a great way to finish out some stitching like that. It's also great for reinforcing any other areas that might need it. I've used the lock stitch to sew entire areas it's very strong. It is a little harder than it looks at first.

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