Build a Shuttlepod in 30 Minutes or Less





Introduction: Build a Shuttlepod in 30 Minutes or Less

video instructions here:
People in crowds move out of the way because they think you are a professional and photographers try to take pictures of this device. This is my first design and it worked fine from the word go. Flip the unit upside down for great ground level shots (right the image in post) Works great even running .
Video camera support provides a secure grip and mass and the hoop provides places to attach extra equipment . Make the basic unit for $12. Add a microphone, lights, LCD etc. Even a battery pack. Endless possibilities. If for some strange reason you can't find the parts locally (very common stuff) I can send them to you from Toronto.
The conduit cover is gray plastic 1 inch in diameter and the junction box is also plastic with 1 inch holes. You may have to improvise but avoid making it larger. It does not work as well.
video instructions here:



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I like your monopod in the pocket comment! LOL! Very inovative!