Picture of Build A Stepping Stool

Build this simple vintage French stepping stool with just 4 pieces of standard lumber and a few nails. Extend the measurements to create a sturdy bench that easily seats three.

Step 1: Watch the video tutorial here!

lemontreese1 month ago

Beautiful job. Thank you for sharing.

Mark Montano (author)  lemontreese1 month ago
Thanks for stopping by to comment LemonTreese!
Great project. I made it shorter and made it my kids step stool for brushing teeth! Thank you for sharing!
Mark Montano (author)  davidtwitchell5 months ago
Great idea! I use mine every day David. Thanks for the comment.
daynparadise36 months ago
Hi Mark :)
Great job, jw where you get your stencils? I haven't found a good outlet for reusable stencils. Thanks,.Tammy
Mark Montano (author)  daynparadise36 months ago
These are from DecoArt......They have beautiful stencils. Here's the link: http://decoart.com/chalkyfinish/stencils

Looks great--fun stencil! :)

shazni1 year ago

Lovely paint job!

Awesome! I love the way you painted it!

Mark Montano (author)  Penolopy Bulnick1 year ago
Ok, not quite sure how this works yet, think I even pressed the wrong button! Thanks so much Penolopy. I wanted to go further with it, but I'm glad I stopped there!