Build a Table





Introduction: Build a Table

Materials Needed

1-22" Round Table Top

4-21" Country Pine Leg

4-Corner Plates

3-28" Skirting

At minimum 4 and up to 8 skirt fasteners

Tools I Used


5/32" Drill Bit

Phillips Head Screwdriver

1/2" Wrench


Miter Box & Saw

Step 1: Table Top

You will need a table top. This can be commercially bought or a piece of plywood cut into what ever shape you desire.

Step 2: Skirting

You will need skirting. This can be commercially bought or you can use project boards/ smooth cut lumber that has been run thru a molder.

* Cut the skirts to length, Cut a 1/4" deep slot 1" from each end of the Skirt.

Step 3: Skirt Fasteners

You will need something to fasten the skirt to the table top. Some people like to use pieces of scrap wood for this ,but I figure if someone took the time to make an inexpensive item specifically for this then I am going to use it. It is just easier and it works.

* Place the four skirt fasteners in the middle of each skirt. Be sure it faces the center of the table top and mark where to predrill the skirt and the table top.

Step 4: Corner Plate

You will need something to hold the leg to the skirting. These plates work nicely... Some people will cut a wooden wedge using a board, and drill a hole in the center, but I find these plates to last a little longer, and are easier to use.

* Place the corner brackets in the slots. Make sure that the corner plate rest on the table top for accurate alignment. Mark and then predrill the holes for the wood screws.

Step 5: The Table Leg

It is so wonderful, that we do not have to be carpenters these days to get a quality leg. I found these great legs to use for my table.

*Drill a 9/32 hole about 1-1/4 deep in each leg on the chamfer edge, using the remarked hole from the corner plate.

Step 6: Put It Together

Please watch the following video...

Step 7: The Video

When I found this video I realized I could build my own table



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Good tips! Do you have any photos of the actual table you built? That would be great to see.

I also made this somewhat fancy table,

using the skirting i talked about in my instructable and a piece of the MLD362 moulding cut to the size of the skirt. the legs are called country French.

Tell me what you think!

please see below


These are great looking tables! You should put a couple of your best photos of these into the intro of your instructable--you should show these off right up front! :)

Hi Seamster,

I do please see below.

Tell me what you think!


That is cool. Do you have a link to a website that allows me to buy these items or did you find them at a Hardware store?

I got most of it thru home depot and Lowes for my first table, but when I decided to get fancy I went directly to WWW.WADDELLMFG.COM . At first it was difficult to find what I needed, but then I found the search button under the shop tab, and it was easy.

Wow! Great tips! The video really helped me a lot!

i am glad you liked it keep watching there will be more to come