Build an Off Road Go-Kart





Introduction: Build an Off Road Go-Kart

Last year I built a off road buggy using the Haynes Manual "build your own off-road buggy for £100 or less". This video breifly explains how i do it, the finnished buggy is great fun and if you have acces to the tools needed (welder, grinder......) I would definatly recomend it.
The book can be purchased from or if you are in the USA


Engine:  Electric start 110cc motorbike engine
Gears: 4 (no reverse)
Suspention: Front and seat
Seat: Racing kart seat with suspension
Steering: Colomn from robin reliant, stock tie rods for acerman steering
Frame: 1.5" steel tube

Hope this is useful.



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    That's pounds, not Euros.

    That's pounds, not Euros.

    It's not Euros, you dingbats, it's British pounds. Surely no one is that ignorant? Also, at the time of writing, £100 = $154.06 USD. That's $197.84 AUD for us Aussies.

    Legend, I will be doing this

    Good frame but what kind of transmission did you use? Is it in the the motor set up you got off the bike?

    how much mph ang hp did it have a what type was the engine??

    great job ;-)

    very cool, but we want to see steps to build our own