Ever wanted to be Freddy Krueger?
Great, now you can!

This is a pretty simple build that can be made for very cheaply and in some cases for free. There's a lot of different ways to go at it, this is just one way. 

Creating a parts list is somewhat tricky since you can swap bits to make it fit your liking.
Here's some basic things you'll need.

22 gauge Sheet metal (Preferably copper)

Brass double cap rivets

Blade material

Adhesive, depending on materials.

...And a glove. Let's get started!

Step 1: Printing and Cutting

For this part, i found a very nice template online.


Print them, cut them out and trace around the pieces onto your metal. The optimal metal to use is 22 gauge copper, but i used 22 gauge aluminum instead since i got some for free. I painted this with copper spray paint to get the desired effect.
Smooth the corners of your pieces with a file and/ or sandpaper. I have not yet done this in the picture.
Then simply cut them out with tin snips.

For my blades, i used some thicker sheet steel which i had in my garage. This was trickier to cut, but i managed since i had access to a workshop with power tools. However, i have seen people make the claws out of plastic. Look around and see what works the best for you!
<p>wait, is this freddy cougar's glove, or freddy fazbear's glove, idk which one it is, lol </p><p>:(</p>
gauge? can you sau it in mm
The metal i used is 0,1 mm thick.
What size rivets should I use?

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