This is my first Instructable and one of my first projects I have done on my own. I believe it turned out very well but I did make a few little mistakes. My goal was to build work table for my wife and I to use for medium duty work. In other words it will easily hold 30 pounds and large objects but I don't think it would stand up too well to a lot of hammering and very heavy objects.

The table work surface is 30 inches off the ground. The table surface is 3 feet deep and 4 feet wide. The legs are 2x4s. The back legs extend up through the desk to use as the supports for the shelves.

Below is the finished work table.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Table Saw
Miter Saw
Tape Measure

Approximately 30 feet of 2x4's (4 8 foot long 2x4's)
3x4 feet of plywood for table surface
1x4 feet of plywood for one shelf (double for two shelves)
2x4 feet of pegboard
3.5 inch wood screws
1.5 inch wood screws (for shelves and pegboard)

Just finished mine yesterday, only changes were I ran my pegboard to the top of back legs, also I put pegboard on the outside both left and right and screwed it to the upper and lower 2 x 4 side frame boards, then added two pretty heavy coats of polyurethane to the table top to keep plywood from sticking up and to liquid proof it so it wouldn't stain the top. The only other idea is maybe adding my last bit of pegboard to cover the inside back wall. I'll just cut it to width and heighth and screw it to the top and bottom frame boards, I also routered the shelves and the table top. Anyway nice idea, I just made a few small changes. Any questions just holler at me..<br><br> JEFF F.<br>Elk City, OK
So about how much money did this cost you? <br>
Great looking doggie!
Am I really the first to comment? <br> <br>This looks like a fantastic work table, and is just what I need for my shop. It's easy, inexpensive, and useful, which meets all three of my requirements. I like that it features both shelves and pegboard storage. I'll likely throw a sheet of plywood over the stretcher boards underneath the main work table to give myself additional storage for large tools. I may also add additional support boards under the work surface so that the table might handle a bit more weight. <br> <br>The lower shelf looks like a good place to add a cheap shop light, and I'll probably add a few electrical outlets and maybe an air hose coupling at the back of the table so that I don't have to fool with getting behind the table to plug and unplug my power and air tools. This is a great project, and has tons of potential for customization. Thanks for the great 'ible!
Yep, you were the first to comment.<br><br>Before I built this work table I actually built a very similar workarea to this that was workbench height. I put a sheet of plywood underneath just like you said. I also placed another 2x4 along the bottom to give more support for the heavy items I placed on there.
do the legs fold or does the table fold <br>
Neither the legs or table fold. I would imagine that a few well placed hinges and a locking mechanism could make it foldable.

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