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This week on [http://www,indymogul.com/bfx Backyard FX] we show you how to make a futuristic set of space armor just like Master Chief wears in Halo 3.

Step 1: Shopping List

- Ream of Heavyweight Card Stock
- 2 Aqua Resin Starter Kits
- 2 yds. Fiberglass Mat
- Nylon Straps and Buckles
- 4 ft. of Velcro
- A few feet of 1 in. Foam Padding
- Cheap Black Gloves
- Dark Colored Under clothes
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rmayall15 days ago
would it be possible to make the armor pieces carbon fibre instead? and use the paper models as molds?
I know this a stupid question but how do you Waterproof the paper?

Clear Coat, its like spray paint. At least that's what it looks like the instructions say.

It's not a stupid question. I don't know the answer, but I do know that the only stupid question is the question not asked. Questions mean you seek knowlage. Also the answer might be Neverwet. It's a waterproof spray that works on almost anything.

noah1105 months ago
Is the armor hard enough to use in a paintball/airlift war? (Fiberglass armor)
First, I want to make it clear that I am only familiar with paintball. Second, I'm pretty sure that paintball is more restrictive than airsoft in terms of protection.

Ok, so a friend and i have been researching this project for almost two years off and on for the explicit purpose of paintball. In scenario ball, this armor is allowed. When building your helmet, take a certified face mask (helmet might be too hot and too heavy, so I don't reccomend that), to use as a baselayer. We are taking a single lens helmet so that we can add a custom double visor along with a comms unit display (programmed by an arduino using c) as well as some other nifty tricks. Remember that in actual use, mobility is key. The spartan suits had 97% mobility with 93% coverage if I'm not mistaken, but that's extremely hard to do on the civilian side.

Woodsball is slightly more restricted than scenario. You would have to check your competition guidelines. As for speedball, I personally have no interest in it, therefore I can't give any assistance on that. Hope this helps!
Epic 8 mm 1 year ago
Oh BFX... May you rest in peace :(

Actually, Zach, (That's his name right?) isn't all that bad. He's different, I know, but come on guys, that change was so long ago...

AlanaP13 months ago

My only confusion is the clear coat before the aqua resin. Does it come in the kit or what is called/what do I use?

Elkhoof1 year ago
KevinO1 Elkhoof10 months ago

i get mine on 405th.com they have all the blue prints you need and you will need pepakura download

All the files I've used are on 4shared.com. You can find the links on 405th.com, but I found it easier to use http://halocostuming.wikia.com/wiki/Pepakura_File_...
Halo Costuming has most, if not all the files you'd want, unless you want Halo 4 armor, then you'll want http://www.4shared.com/folder/WjJPWspL/Mk_online.h... which is all the current Halo 4 Master Chief files.

Hope this helps

LordJustice4 years ago
this may seem stupid, but how am i gonna print on the cardstock?
i need the answer too.

go into your printer settings and change the thickness of the paper

uh you put it in the paper try or your printer, turn on your printer and press print on your computer

What is a decent alternative to Aqua Resin? I can't find it anywhere.

clinville21 year ago
I'm in the army and don't have time to make one or the space but if anyone can make me one I will pay them

Could you make me a suit of armor?

keshiro4 years ago
how do you scale the armor in pepakura?

When printing, next to the printer name is a tab called "Properties." When clicked, go to the tab "Advanced" and then the picture that is the large A to the small A. Click on the "Free [25-100%]" and then scale as necessary.

If you're asking about Master Chief size to your size, it just happened to work when I took Chief's size in inches, assuming 7 feet would be 84, and then my height in inches, which is 72 inches, and found what percentage it would become, example, my 72 over Chief's 84, then multiplied by 100 which is 85.7. With this number, I scaled the file to 86% size, and it worked wonderfully for every body piece.

you need the pepakura designer. you can download a trial version free, but some features are disabled. otherwise, it can't be scaled. you need desinger, not viewer
tell me, do you get a monthly bill or somthing
like that in the desighner vesion?
or do you just pay to download?
you just pay for an activation key.
paddy1231 year ago
mine came with no flaps to help hold it togeather
Menkui1 year ago
I have a few questions, first, how thick does the armor plates end up being?
Seccondly, how tough is it? - I mean, would it hold if someone took a swing at you?
My reasons for asking is that my boss wants to make a warhammer 40.000 Grey knight armor for... I dont really know, some event I guess. And if its tough enough, maybe make a larp monster suit.
-So yea, it doesnt have to withstand a nailed baseball bat, but alot of kids swinging larp weapons at it.
- Thanks in advance.
spart111 year ago
i might try it idk tell me how it works please and if ur talking to me just say artemis please then say ur answer i wont be very active
Have you thought about making armore out of titaiam solafyed to the point that it is highly bullet proof and bulet proof glass bult in a stile that takes in light in the dark, resist light when its bright, and bult in a nassa worthy radeation proof stile? Titaneum actuly is not a rare mettle at all, but its like trying to tame a fearsome roge deadly beast trying to make somthing out of it. Titanum is radeation proof, resist electrisaty, is 10 times lighter waight then alunanam, and can be stronger then steel. It even resist agenced heat and cold.
First, metals DO conduct electricity, and titanium IS a metal. Second, it is denser and heavier than aluminum. Check a periodic table. Also, this thing called spell check came around a few years ago. All those annoying red lines under your words, yeah, those are saying you need English lessons. Next, that visor you mentioned, there's a word for that. Transition lenses, they polarize in sunlight. Taking in light makes no sense. Try infrared night vision. Expensive. By the way, it's NASA, and their space suits aren't made of titanium. Also, why "rogue fearsome deadly beast"? Have you worked with titanium? All the molding and melting and cooling and hardening that would have to go into that; if you aren't rich, you are not doing that. Also, metals have this tendency to amplify heat and cold. Throw a can in the sun light in summer or snow in winter, and it will get hot or cold respectively. Highly solidified titanium may be bullet proof for a time, but it's not dent proof, and buffing out dents in solid metals is NOT easy. Lesson to be taken: read up before posting ideas. Some things just won't work. And again, try spell check next time.
(be shure to post pics though.)
sorry, but im not sure if I trust your spelling. again, sorry
that would be................
sounds expensive though........
started my suit about 4 months ago... looks legit so far. will send pics as soon as possible
ranndoo2 years ago
Also, can anyone explain how to scale the default pepakura file sizes smaller?
ranndoo2 years ago
How long did this take you?
adougherty12 years ago
it wont let me get blueprints of armor without having to buy some stupid software ccan someone help me out
I was thinking of putting a few layers of kevlar fabric on the inside so it protects but tellme if its a had idea
Dumchicken4 years ago
can you make halo armor?
I can make Halo armor, I did an instructable and you can find materials and tutorial videos here: www.squidoo.com/how-to-make-halo-armor
Drop me a message if you need help or need me to make you specific parts
Hey how much would you make the whole armour for and then post it? It's just I am not very good at following instruction or building things. Thanks
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