Step 2: Get blueprints from these sites

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Step one is go to this link: http://www.indymogul.com/3RR and download the free Pepakura viewer. It lets view and print out the blue prints directly on to your cardstock. There is a ton of information and pepakura blue prints at 405th.com, and or just type in this shortcut http://www.indymogul.com/3RS to see my guide to get you started.
LordJustice4 years ago
this may seem stupid, but how am i gonna print on the cardstock?
i need the answer too.

go into your printer settings and change the thickness of the paper

adougherty12 years ago
it wont let me get blueprints of armor without having to buy some stupid software ccan someone help me out
i have tried to download the files of the armor and my computer isnt allowing it any help would be very much appreciated
keshiro4 years ago
hey, the pepikura viewer won't download. is there another site i can download it?
Have you guys considered making new ODST files for HALO: ODST?  I have the original ODST files, but some of the ones in HALO: ODST are different, mainly the shoulders.

I dont get it how do you download it and put it in to your pepakura viewer how??
download the fileson this site it lets you choose the armor u want
If you go into the forum thread you want, click on the picture or link of what you want then click the download button. Then save it to your file of choice. Open up Pepakura, click File, then open and then select the file. It should be a .pdo file. I hope that helps, any more questions, feel free to just ask.
logana606 years ago
Can someone please help me on trying to scale it smaller for my son.
downloaad pepakura designer here it will let u scale
Fanthom1486 years ago
hey anyone know how to get a mac compatible version???? im running the latest version of leapord (10.5.5)
amayer6 years ago
You want to download the Pep. Designer, if you only get the viewer you cannot scale the armor inside the program itself. See the 405th link for the scale guide.