Step 4: Waterproof the Cardstock

Picture of Waterproof the Cardstock
Once you have a complete section of the armor folded and glued you need to waterproof the cardstock with a clear coat. THEN cover the inside and outside with some aqua resin. Aqua Resin is like polyurathen resin but way less toxic and less stupid about curing temperatures.

So one glazing coat of aqua resin on the inside of the carstock form and one on the outside.

Do these one at a time, each coat should take about an hour to cure.
jmicko6 years ago
ok... so... nobody really knows what a clear cat is. you say it as if you were telling us to boil water. i feel uneducated.
I think it means a coat of clear paint. I'm sure every one has heard of clear paint before >.>
for all you people who dont know what a clear coat means... I do belive that they mean "clear coat" as a coat of resin that appears clear because its not too thick
but then i could just be utter wrong...
i dont get what you mean, is clearcoat a brand name bacause i cant find anything like that. im lost.
ok guys, i just found out that a clear coat is just paint without pigment. i think. you should be able to get it by asking for clear coat paint. again, i think.
Ironman 546 years ago
hey, i have a paint gun, is there some type of spray on resin that could work? also what did you use for the first clearcoat before resin?