Step 6: Carve out the details

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Now that your armor is sturdy you can get in there with a rotary tool and carve out some details. Some bondo or plumbers epoxy can help here but only if you have some extra cash.
nerd124 years ago
if the fiberglass inside the card stock with the card stock on the outside then when you carve the part to add details then won't it remove parts of the cardstock or is it just for shaping the fiberglass?
nerd124 years ago
pls tell me how hard is fiberglass mat because when i make it it will spoil the effect if it bends when its pressed. is is possible that it can be made with out the paper because i was thinking of making each piece separate. as in the forearm will have 2 pieces opposite each other. i was thinking of making this out multiple layers of ply wood laminated together into a curved piece so that it would stay together and curved. thanks :-)
Where can i get a dremel tool or the other things that she lists?
Harbor Freight tools sells them cheapest. They are a reputable company, I and thousands of others swear by them. You can get one from super cheap (I paid around 13 for my last one) to moderately expencive. ALl their tools work, but on the event you get a dud, there it a return system.
sorry for my noob question, but is that 13 dollars, or 130, or what
$13.00 Yup. They sell tools CHEAP to EXPENSIVE. Cheap seems to be what is needed.
SneakyGeeky6 years ago
I'm fairly certain they mean carving into the bondo/putty itself.
amayer6 years ago
Are you adding a layer of bondo here to carve into? or are you carving through the paper into the fiberglass and using the bondo to smooth out the cuts?
Try asking here:
It's where I originally watched the video :D