Build Ironman Mark VI out of makedo and cardboard paper

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Picture of Build Ironman Mark VI out of makedo and cardboard paper
The idea of making an ironman simply came from my 3 kids... I wanted to make them a toy suit for roleplay and halloween, but ended up making my own size model.  In any case, they had fun during the month long period I spent making this model.  If it were not for the daily 'Daddy, where is the ironman?', I would not have been able to finish it!

The goal of this project is to use 100% makedo, nothing else, to make an Ironman robot (not suit) out of 100% cardboard paper (with exception of the electronic part).

To totally make use of the benefit and concept of makedo, I have decided NOT to design on paper at all.  I started by collecting ironman images of every angle possible online and sketch the pattern shape on cardboard based on what I see from the images.  The best part of usining the combination of cardboard and makedo is that I get to connect parts together and still be able to take them apart for modification (trimming, re-shape...etc), and connect back again.  There's a extremely high degree of freedom in the making/designing/re-designing process.

I also found that this works best when I need to 'copy' and 'paste' any part, like an arm or a leg... I can simply take the arm apart and copy the pattern, then connect them back again.

I'm 183 cm, so I thought it would be quite right to use my size for scaling purpose... The ironman should turn out to be around 210 cm tall.

Below is a 2 min movie showing some of the building process and assembly.

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Step 1: Make Helmet

Picture of Make Helmet
First try with ironman, though not a perfect look, but I'm satisfied when my daughter found so much fun putting it on :)

this took me around 5 hours... If I have had a designed pattern, it could have been done much faster.

Step 2: Make Chest Armor

Picture of Make Chest Armor
I made use A LOT of the makedo hinges to create the shape of the armor.
yihungkuo (author) 2 years ago
During the making of this model (this is actually my first try in this sort of model building), I came across to Pepakura, and realized that there are actually great templates built for foam... So after making this Ironman, I did try to build a helmet with the template, but with makedo and cardboard as well (I find it much accessible to use these materials). I'm attaching a few images to share with you.

but really, using a template will never be as satisfying and fun as creating something from scratch :)
dsamual yihungkuo6 months ago
Very nice! Can you show some arm pics? Great work
SparkySolar5 months ago

Thank you for your nice Instructable.


dsamual6 months ago
Can you post any pics of the arms build? I'm thinking about seeing if I can change your design slightly and come up with a left robotic arm ala Cap. America 2 winter soldier. Really impressed with your build. Great job.
yihungkuo (author)  dsamual6 months ago
Unfortunately that's all the images I took. As I can recall, I basically just built the forearm with armor plate, the biceps then the triceps then cover them with shoulder plate. Good luck with your build!
bradshep1 year ago
Could you draw out some templates please?
Great build!
amazing design procedure my only problem . . . it doesn't look like him, . . . very intuitive though
That is awesome! Nice Work!
repguy20202 years ago
Beautifully executed, sir. It looks as if it could fly.
yihungkuo (author)  repguy20202 years ago
Thanks ;)
Paint it! please! i am currently building a suit out of aluminium sheet using pepakura for my template!
yihungkuo (author)  genericusername62 years ago
Sorry, don't plan on painting it, not yet... I think the cardboard color gives it the unique look ;)
jawasan2 years ago
Very good work indeed! Wow!
I am so accustomed to seeing the foam suits...this is a refreshing break for sure from the foam (which are still awesome though)
yihungkuo (author) 2 years ago
poofrabbit2 years ago
This is fantastic!!! You should send a picture to makedo!
Kiteman2 years ago
Awesome job!