Picture of Build Kiteman's Shed!

Yes, you can build you own scale model of my semi-famous workspace. If it is well-received, I plan to edit the Instructable to include the furniture as well.

Thanks also to Bumpus, who added a three-dimensional Kiteman more quickly than sanity allows.

Step 1: The Net

Picture of The Net
First thing you need is the net.

I measured up the shed, and divided all the measurements by thirty to make the net fit on a sheet of A4. The scale is, then, 1:30 (which means that, if I emptied my shed, I could fit 27,000 of these models into the real shed).

I drew it up in CorelDraw, saved it as a PDF, then copied and pasted into Photoshop Elements to add a woodgrain effect to the appropriate panels.

The various resultant files are presented with this step. Print them out on normal paper or light card-stock.

You will also need scissors, glue, a sharp craft knife and a metal ruler.
Shed_net_coloured.pdf(597x813) 327 KB
Shed_net_01.pdf(596x842) 2 KB
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crazyg2 years ago
i like your skylight, thought id post a pic of a model i made to plan my exhibition curration .
Kiteman (author)  crazyg2 years ago
You're creating / curating an exhibition? That sounds like a fascinating instructable could be in the works.

Your profile says you're in London; where is the exhibition going to be?
crazyg Kiteman2 years ago
sadly not at the moment,that was a while ago http://www.flickr.com/photos/83675368@N02/sets/72157630810639698/
i am hoping to put together a oddball camera and photo  exhibit on at some point, getting a body of new work together.hopefully before i run out of money i will get something out there.
Hoopajoo3 years ago
Kiteman, did you get inspiration for your shed from Edgar Blazona's MD100?
md 100 4.png
Kiteman (author)  Hoopajoo3 years ago
Sadly, no - it was just the shed that was already in the garden when I bought the house.
Dr.Bill5 years ago
The windows match his eyes.
RadBear6 years ago
Add transparent plastic for windows.
or just cut them out...
What fun is that? It doesn't make the project overly elborate and complex. :)
WOOOOOOOOOOO for overly elaborate and complex
lol that deserves a quote XD
bounty10126 years ago
added this to the papercraft group and my favorites :D
I have an idea! Make two sheds, and a lot of Kitemen(Kiteman). Add a Catapault, and you have a war game. (You and Bumpus must have planned this. Give us everything we need to play this game little by little hoping we wouldn't figure out. Very clever, but not very clever enough)
You should make a papercraft of someone else and kiteman's army would fight them.
And put the hit Kitemen into papercraft coffins!
Kiteman (author)  Rock Soldier6 years ago
We didn't, but I wish we had!
*SURE* you didn't...
ReCreate6 years ago
I built your shed...In a 3d model... I gave up on the door,And i could not do the tilted roof either Do you like it? I do not have a camera...or a printer...so i can't make this in real life. I will probably make the kiteman too
kitemans shed.pnguntitled.PNG
Derin ReCreate6 years ago
Recreate...Thats what Im for...fixing
ReCreate Derin6 years ago
Fixing what?
Derin ReCreate6 years ago
ReCreate Derin6 years ago
Derin ReCreate6 years ago
tilt roof and door also,the inside wood
ReCreate Derin6 years ago
oh,well you are experienced in google sketchup?
Derin ReCreate6 years ago
a bit
ReCreate Derin6 years ago
I am a bit too, Especially since i got scetchup pro!
Kiteman (author)  ReCreate6 years ago
That's nice - I like the clouds in the glass.
Ah yes,The first picture is better than the second. Im not good with Google Sketchup,So i don't plan on making any of the furniture. But i made you... I made you in another 3d model... Do you like it...erm yourself?
kiteman 3d.PNG
Kiteman (author)  ReCreate6 years ago
You like it? Well im out of ideas... I would have replied with a picture again,But i don't know what! What about a dremel?(i need a cartoony picture of a dremel like the one of you)
Kiteman (author)  ReCreate6 years ago
You could start browsing other people's projects - see if anything inspires you.
wow,you should see how many times you are mentioned on my desktop...
Yes allot of things inspire me,But they are not flat object like what i showed you...
Things i do when i'm bored...
CamWaite6 years ago
mini-kiteman and his shed(with clear plastic window) sit on my desk
Picture 84.jpgPicture 85.jpg
that mini kite man is exactly the same size as a usb plug!!! usb flash drive mods to the ready
Picture 89.jpgPicture 86.jpg
Kiteman (author)  CamWaite6 years ago
Haha, that's brilliant, and an excellent idea for the flash-mod!
Derin6 years ago
The note about the flashback gave me an idea..... I have some toy cars.... Take one,and put it in front of the shed....... Take photo.... ???....... Profit.......
Kiteman's PAPER Shed is more like it. Major disappointment being led to assume it was your actual sheds plans.
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