Picture of Build Lifesize Space Marine Armor in 352 Terribly Complicated Steps
When I was a kid I happened past a hobby store in Petaluma, California that carried rulebooks and miniatures for Warhammer 40,000, a tabletop wargame from Games Workshop.  I immediately fell in love with the rich, dark universe and the heavy, brutal designs of the characters, vehicles, and weapons.  I ended up getting a job at that same store and spending nearly every penny I earned collecting, building, and painting the models.

Years later I've developed a bit of skill collected some helpful tools that allow me to make some reasonably impressive costumes.  I've taken on project after project, but no matter what else I've built, I've always found myself thinking back to those beloved characters from my youth.

After trying to talk myself out of it for years, I've finally accepted the fact that I must build Space Marines in all their glory or I would never be satisfied with any of my lesser projects.  To do it right, the finished characters would have to be about eight feet tall and four feet wide.  Given that requirement, the main challenge was to make all of the pieces lightweight enough to still be a wearable costume.

With that goal in mind, most of the components were vacuum-formed in thin sheet styrene or ABS plastic.  Some of the more intricately detailed parts were sculpted in Magic Sculpt epoxy putty or molded and cast in urethane resin.  The whole project ended up taking about three or four months worth of actual work spread out over about ten months worth of the calendar.

While I suppose I've got a bit of experience with this kind of project, I will admit that this tutorial is not the end-all-be-all resource for this sort of build.  The intent is to inspire other people to take on similar projects.  I encourage you to do more research and spend some time gathering additional references before you begin.  I may have done everything the hard way.

It's also important to point out that Space Marines are the copyrighted intellectual property of Games Workshop and I have used the design without permission.  I'm a fan and these suits are a tribute to a rich universe that I have always loved.  This project is in no way endorsed by Games Workshop.  Instead, I decided that there just wasn't enough Warhammer stuff walking around in the world, so I took it upon myself to help.

In describing this project I tried to be as brief as possible, but there's simply no way to describe all of the hours and days and weeks and months worth of work that went into this project in 50 words or less.  Since it is a bit on the long side, I've at least tried to keep it entertaining.  So pour yourself a beverage of your choice, get comfy, and let's begin...
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Stryderx28 days ago

Truly epic, you used the most common or cheap materials to build something awesome.

Congrats the size is killer and I bet many people will buy it for sure.
BTW I´m not even a warhammer fan.

Meinheld1 month ago

Who can I pay to build this for me?
Seriously, I want to have it commissioned, but can't find a proper store.

Anyone have any ideas?

swimspud3 months ago

that picture of you with just the torso on is hilarious! Thanks for the laugh

isaacwrath6 months ago
now build a chaos version... and a Dreadnought
Daddy_Ankee made it!8 months ago

Hey Shawn, Myself Ankit I'm from India, I just love your work man, you are truly awesome. I always follow your blog and all your stories and work helped me to build this giant..Its 7 ft tall, i know somethings are missing but i won Comic Con India with that cosplay and that was my "Embrace Yourself" pose.Hope you like it..

Marbots10 months ago
Wow! Great craftsmanship.
Not many people will hit the "I made it" button.
LobosSolos10 months ago

One thing that I thought about as far as the hydration goes. Have you considered a hydration backpack, such as a camelback? Also, you appear to have some extra space in there, you could build in some ventilation fans that would help with cooling.

LobosSolos10 months ago

Hey, someone that gets atmoshperic pressure and a distributed load!

LobosSolos10 months ago

Cyanoacrylate = Crazy Glue/Superglue.

ChrisM810 months ago

Dude...awesome...simply awesome!

riverswamp11 months ago

showing this to my friend who wants to go to a con as one of these guys next year.

riverswamp11 months ago

showing this to my friend who wants to go to a con as one of these guys next year.

riverswamp11 months ago

showing this to my friend who wants to go to a con as one of these guys next year.

riverswamp11 months ago

showing this to my friend who wants to go to a con as one of these guys next year.

riverswamp11 months ago

showing this to my friend who wants to go to a con as one of these guys next year.

darkmarine1 year ago
I was about to start on the project when I realized that Pepakura wasnt Mac compatible. Does anyone know of a good Mac program thats similar to Pepakura?

Don't know if this is still needed but you can actually use the Pepakura Viewer on a Mac using Wineskin. Look here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4cfqLrklu50

hey was wondering if you would be able to make me a suit of grey knights armour I'll pay you handsomely oh and then ship it to Scotland again I'll pay you please message back with rough estimates cheers
Dandaru1 year ago


But...I was wondering, how much does making one of these cost? I mean, just printing the pepakura model lifesize is pretty expensive. I can't even imagine how much a single armour building process can have cost.

DaveDude121 year ago
321,016 VIEWS? 647 LIKES? HOW THE?.....
thorssoli (author)  DaveDude121 year ago

Turns out it's good.


cla1391 year ago

is there any possible way i could buy this off you, this is awesome and literally i would die for one?

I'm not sure if I'll get a response given when this was posted, but I'm curious about two things:

How are the stilts mounted to the "sole" of the shoe?

How much side to side motion do they have? I saw in this and the other stiltwalking video that you can spread your feet apart pretty far and still keep them on the ground. This implies the ankle flexes a bit?

I'm making a costume of similar size and have been looking at options for the feet.

thorssoli (author)  EurobeatJester1 year ago

The stilts are bolted onto the sole of the character's foot. There's a piece of foam floor mat cut to fit between the bottom of the stilt and the inside of the boot in order to give it a bit of flexibility while still keeping it mostly straight.

ABEL21251 year ago
Hey I love the costume and I really want to make a few sets myself. Unfortunately money is tight for me. Is there any way to make a smaller form of the armour ??? I have looked around and found nothing. If you can accept this challenge I would love to see it. Consider it a kid/teen version of the Space Marines XD love the whole thing
I would use one articulated arm and not hold anything in it, and one attached arm for a weapon, that way you can still use one hand as an actual hand. I love your build though and am planning on using it to make my own suit of armour in a few months time.
galjin2 years ago
Maybe for the hands, to have a bit more of movility to at least be able to make a fist, instead of letting it be stuck on a relaxed form, you can use one of those robot plastic hand toys that have a little lever on the other end to flex the fingers.

http://www.djibnet.com/photo/2405496230-robot-hand.jpg (couldnt upload it here...)
Get my suggestion?
bschran galjin1 year ago
was going to suggest something similar but more on the lines of building one out of simialr materials to what he used in the hands :)
tmoore261 year ago
Not only would a Camelback be a good idea to wear under this suit, but you could effectively install some small CPU fans along inconspicuous parts of the armor and use the backpack as the power source to provide ventilation. It was something I was considering for an Ork Meganob build. It'll also give the suit a living humming sound which could only help.
jtmcdole1 year ago
Looks amazing!
mgarrison31 year ago
Is there anyway I could see a better view of the stilts diagram? I'm commissioning my brother to build them and he needs the dimensions. Thanks for inspiring me to build this suit
thorssoli (author)  mgarrison31 year ago
That's the best version I've got. If you click on the image, it'll give you a slightly bigger version. My handwriting is awful, but the dimensions are there.
Big Baneser2 years ago
Step14, pic 3. Poor kid.
A Diabetic2 years ago
Would you have a rough estimate on how much some of these parts weigh when left as fiber glass and bondo (not plastic vacuum formed)?
HEY! I saw you in the make magazine!!!
MrRodrigez2 years ago
Camelback is a brilliant idea, IMO. Now all that's left is a Jump-Pack :D
Anyway, as a fellow lanky person, (20 years, only 107(i know right?)) I'd be quite interested in seeing how this goes for you :P
Great patients. Awesome instructible! I want one, but Chaos Space Marine.
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