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Introduction: Build Magic BB-Shooting Wands

The idea behind this project is to build a magic wand that actually shoots BBs and other smallish objects. I chose to make mine Harry Potter themed, but this project will really work for any kind of magic wand. The criteria for this wand include:
-Authentic design ( Make it look pretty)
-Shoot BBs at least 25 feet
-Take less than an half hour to make
-Concealable (So no one knows what hit them)
-Cost less than 5 dollars

I’m pleased to say, that this project did in fact end up meeting all the criteria and was a roaring success! So without further ado, lets began!

Note: The body of this wand is based off KaptinScarlets fantastic instructable, check it out here!

Step 1: Materials

The materials you need to build this wand include:
-White paper
-BBs or airsoft pellets
-Glue gun
-Small water balloon
-Short cardboard toilet-paper tube
-Duct tape

Step 2: Roll the Wand Body

First off, roll the paper from the corner into a tube for the wand body. Make sure your wand is thick enough to comfortably slide a BB through and then some. We want it to be fairly thick, about as thick as my wand on the first page. Tape.

Step 3: Cut the Cardboard

Now cut the bottom of the wand straight across so that it is flat at the bottom. Cut the cardboard tube down the middle (as shown in the picture). Roll the cardboard so that it fits snugly around the bottom of the wand. Tape cardboard and then attach to bottom of wand so that the paper goes all the way inside the cardboard. (Don’t leave extra cardboard on the end).

Step 4: Attaching the Balloon

Now take the balloon and cut a little bit of the end off. Then wrap it around the bottom of the wand so that it is fairly evenly spread (try to center the bulb of the balloon so it shoots straight) and tape into place. Pull the balloon onto the wand about as far as I did in the picture.

Step 5: Paint and Decorate

Paint and decorate the wand to your liking. I like to use a lot of hot glue to make a handle on the wand, to cover up the duct tape. Then paint to your liking. I have not gone into too much detail here on how to decorate the wands, because KaptinScarlet pretty much covers it all in his instructable. The link to it is on the first page.

Step 6: How to Operate

To operate this wand, you simply drop a BB into the tip of the wand and catch it through the balloon at the bottom. Then pinch the bottom of the wand ( I like to do this to decrease stress on the connection between the balloon and the wand to make it last longer) and pull the balloon back. Let go to release the BB. BE CAREFUL! This shoots hard and far. Also you can push the balloon into the back of the wand for concealment if you would like.




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    THANK YOU :)

    is there anything other than a balloon?

    Im sure there is but the balloon was the easiest and cheapest thing I have found to date.

    Very creative indeed,I used a thin pipe and method was all yours.Brilliant and simple.

    Hahaha that is hilarious! I am going to make one of those! Great job!

    hahahahhahahahahah how smart

    to sum it all up, this is a peashooter built into a magic wand prop. brilliant.