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I feel its costly to purchase IOT from websites. So i plan to build our own IOT web page. When come to IOT the security is more essential, So i use MD5 encryption from PHP to secure the page. With the page i design we able to control lot of devices with seperate user name and password for each device. And access the data with the user name of the device.

Step 1: Materials Required

For Programming

1) PC with web connection.

For Testing

1) Link IT one board (Or Arduino UNO with WIFI or GSM Module"

2) ESP8266 WIFI module

3) Wifi hot spot of smart phone with internet connection and WIFI hotspot.

4) Power Supply

5) Relay module

6) Potentiometers

Step 2: Find a Suitable Web Site

Picture of Find a Suitable Web Site

Use google and Found a free Website hosting web site. Even with limited size is enough for testing. If we want to expand the project then purchase a space from them. I found 000webhost.Com is a nice web site with free database support. Database is very essential when develop a iot webpage.

The program we going to use is PHP with Mysql.

Step 3: Free Signup and Verification

Picture of Free Signup and Verification

1) Sign up using your email id.

2) After verify email id in your web page.

3) Use mobile send the unique code listed in the page to the given mobile number.

4) Then your mobile number also verify.

Step 4: Create a Website

Picture of Create a Website

1) When login the website.

2) Click the + sign on the web site and enter the website name and password of the website, then click create.

3) Your web site created sucessfully.

4) Use Build web site using three options given. I use upload own website. Because i develop a php web site. I give it in up coming pages.

Step 5: Create a Domain

Picture of Create a Domain

1) Now its time to create your domain name.

2) In the menu click my domains.

3) Then Click add domain in the screen.

4) In the domains page click Add domain.

5) In the Window click free subdomain.

6) Enter sub domain name and click save.

Step 6: Create a Database

Picture of Create a Database

1) Create your PHP data base.

2) In the databases click new database.

3) Enter the database name, username and password.

4) Click create.

5) Your database created.

Step 7: Manage Database

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1) Create the tables in the database.

2) Create your tables in the php as per your requirement.

3) I given my DB here.

4) Download the local host.sql in the list.

5) Use import in the page to import the tables from file given.

Step 8: Create Iot Pages

1) I given my php files as rar here.

2) Down load the file and change your dbusername, password, db name in config .php file and upload.

Step 9: Upload to Website

Picture of Upload to Website

1) Down load the pages i given and upload the pages in the upload own web site.

Step 10: Arduino Program

Picture of Arduino Program

1) Upload the given program in linkit one (or change it for Arduino).

2) Run the kit and found the sensor value posted on in your database.

3) By use the Sensorvalue.php with your domain name u able to see sensor value any where in the world.

4) By use the Switches.php with your domain name u able change the switch status in the kit.

Syntax for each page:

1) To see sensor value

your web domain name/Sensorvalue.php?id=User name in table&pwd=Encrypted password using MD5

2) To change switch status

your web domain name/Switchesphp?id=User name in table&pwd=Encrypted password using MD5&switch=integer in decimal to control up to 10 digital pins.

In the arduino program u want to change the addresses and wifi settings. Also add program to convert received decimal to binary value and change the digital pin status according to the decimal value.

I php I add only basic pages use the coding add plugins like graph for php from net develop pages to view the details in graph. And use image map send the switch status from php page to database to switch on and off the devices.


francisco01 (author)2017-10-22

I will use this to build my local business website...

andrewjames0 (author)francisco012017-10-26

I also.. :)

hsedidin (author)2017-09-04

I am using the arduino uno and am getting a file not found error for


Where do ii find that class?

online07 (author)2017-08-21

Its great information....... I want to make home automation using raspberry-pi/ arduino,i also want to develop my own andriod app/website (No third party) which would dynamically control light (i.e.on or off) etc.....waiting for ur kind reply...Thanks

What help you need...

I want to design IOT based home automation. In this project i want to design my own website (using open source software) and android app (using open source software).This project can control all the appliances of the home (on/off).

1. How to design website which can dynamically change. (i.e. it can display data from sensor and it can on/off devices in home )

2. I want to use Raspberry pi.

syariff (author)2017-06-05

invalid library..where do you get the library(LTask,LWifi,LWifiClient).. can you give the link

Actually i use Link it one. If you use arduino different library want to down load.

Which board do you use. In this project i use Link It one board, it has default libraries LTask,LWifi, and LWifiClient. If u use ardunio use WIFI library.

gowthamb9 (author)2017-06-22

Unable create Database using local host.sql
And in which url accepts post data
Help with creating post data files to recieve data and php script

Its access problem. Check the access rights.

rshuler (author)2017-05-26

Nice write up. What should the index.php file contain?


Its our choice, We also show the current status of graph in the index page.

LeoP43 (author)2017-01-16

Well done. Very clear.

Thank You very much...

macleod82 (author)2017-01-03

I don't aim to knock on your work but you and the other readers here need to be aware that MD5 is woefully inadequate for hashing passwords. Please investigate more modern methods like pbdfk2 or bcrypt.

Yeah thank you for your command. I just show a way to encrypt the pass word and use it with php while access the devices. I use MD5 because its very easy to encrypt md5 in php.

macleod82 (author)macleod822017-01-03

Type-O, sorry, that should read PBKDF2.

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