Picture of Build Plans: How to make a superhero costume
How to build a superhero costume

Hey everyone, it's IndyMogul and welcome to the technical blog for Episode #18 (SuperHero). This week we were challenged by the guys over at The Stack. The deal is if I make an "animal themed superhero", Justin has to wear the costume for their entire show. Well BFX stepped up to the plate. Send in your superhero videos and remember you can submit your project ideas here!here!

Shopping List

1. Two yards of cloth fleece.
(I used brown because my costume was squirrel themed, but you could get any color you want.)

2. A matching pair of thermal underwear.
(Tops and bottoms, the smaller the better. We want these to be like tights.)

3. One yard of cloth (a different color).
(This is used for the accent pieces on your suit. Like the underwear and chest pieces etc. I bought some furry stuff.)

4. Goggles (optional).
(For part of my mask. Not necessary, but usually a cool addition.)

5. Scrap pieces of foam.
(Also used to make the mask.)

6. Thin foam sheets.
(It's like construction paper, but made a thin piece of colored foam. Used to make the chest emblem.)

7. Needle and thread.
(Also used to make the mask.)

8. Spray adhesive.
(For foam and fabric.)

9. Accessories.
(Belts, magic whips, kinetically charged playing cards...whatever your superhero needs to be "Super".)

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Wow. Not surprised
IT'S A BIRD! IT'S A PLANE! IT'S.... Super Squirrel?!?
zach willis5 years ago
cool git chipmunk girl from the evil bear lol
Bowenj5 years ago
 gambit reference, nice
NetReaper5 years ago
I'm not sure how to respond to this.
psychoclown7 years ago
dude like wtf
kretzlord7 years ago
It has to be the one and only Flying Squirrel Man!
ert7 years ago
what's the supername?
Darkshot7 years ago