Build Reusable Scientific Exhibition Displays With Roof Battens // WOOD CONTEST Plz VOTE :)





Introduction: Build Reusable Scientific Exhibition Displays With Roof Battens // WOOD CONTEST Plz VOTE :)

About: Studying "International Forest Ecosystem Management" at HNE Eberswalde, Brandenburg, Germany.

I Build this exhibition for the "week of climate protection" at the university of sustainable development in Eberswalde. I was instructed to design a reuable and simple, but good looking frame. The basic materials were:

- Roof battens

- Screws 4*6 cm, 4,5*8 cm, 5*9 cm

- Cardboard

- Pins

- String

Additionaly we made some dialoge baloons.. with nothing but recycled cardboard, printed text and some glue.

Step 1: Meassure and Cut

Make a plan first! I meassured the room first and drawed a detailed plan with all poster positions (sorry cant find it right now) You need to know how many posters you want to show and where you want them to be in your exibition room. The cardboards can be equipped with posters from both sides, keep that in mind to save space.

You need to meassure your display size and add some space for in between it and frame. Then decied at what height you want the visitors to read your posters and cut the wood. Put the wood on the floor, put the screws in and there you have a door to another universe! Give it a try and step trough!

After finishing the first frame I realized It may wont be stable enough to withstand children, wind etc... so I decided to cut perfekt 90° degree triangles and put them into all corners and srew them tight! -> works fine!

Step 2: Setup and Visitor Management

Carry your frames inside and set them up according to your plan. They may look cumbersome but are easy to handle even for a single person.

After pinning your poster to the cardboard simply add strings to it and hang it up.

Step 3: Finished Exhibition

Now arrange everything according to your vision. Hope you enjoyed this short tutorial. Kindly, Malte



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    what did you use to attach the posters to the frames?

    Hay :)

    @SvoimiRukami: Good idea to paint them! I'd love to see them in red...

    @JenaboH: Well we did it with pins. But it turned out to be a bad idea, they just dont give enough stability. We had pin some of them again when some wind came in... So, in the future we may use clamps of some kind.. Glue could also be possible, but then the reusability is gone... so lets me know If you have any ideas :)