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Here's an attractive addition to your farmstead or land. What's more, you get space to pursue your gardening dreams.

The Progressive Farmer designed this 8- x 10-foot potting shed. We built one, minus the overhang, in three days. The 6-foot overhang extends the working area outside. Three windows let in natural light. A Dutch door lets in fresh air, while keeping the dog out of the shed. There are three countertops - two inside and one under the overhang. The shed cost approx. $1,100 to build.

This instructable will provide you with a general overview of this shed. For more detailed instructions you can click here to download the plans we designed for free.

A materials guide is listed in step #11.

Step 1: Base and Corner Posts

Picture of Base and Corner Posts
Here's a good method for setting the corner posts. Nail together four lengths of lumber mirroring the footprint of the shed. Square the frame. Then use the corners of the footprint to mark locations for the corner posts. Here, crushed limestone is the base. Spread a 3-inch layer before building begins.
bandara1 year ago
Nice, can we use bamboo for wall.
valcider1 year ago
Beautifully done!
temper2 years ago
Beautiful, how much did it cost? In Oz I would estimate about $20,000,,,
ninjatails2 years ago
Frost line? What's a frost line? I live in Texas ;)
landru3 years ago
how do I know where the frost line is?
You could ask in a local DIY store, I guess. Your local contractors also should have a good idea.
wobbler3 years ago
Just a Potting Shed? My house looks worse than this!
ManuBell3 years ago
Great job, awesome idea not for potting shed only but as garden storage and tool warehouse :)
sunshiine3 years ago
This shed is sooooooooooooo beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing. Have a Happy Spring.
tinker2343 years ago
cool i might use this as a workshop qusiton how could i add the post if i allready have a slab
Howdy! I like the old style look of the dark" 2 over 2" windows with aluminum cladding. Can't make out name on sticker. Can you supply mfg. name ,style ,and /or supplier,please? Thanks!
cindi594 years ago
Thank you so much for the pdf! I so wanted to build this last summer but passed because I didn't have the information! Next summer I will be ready!
Photosbydon5 years ago
I am new here so not sure this will work but will try to upload the pdf for this.
Thanks, I have it saved now. I am so gonna love having this shed!
Photosbydon5 years ago
If anyone needs the plans I have it on a pdf, I found from another connection today
Kiteman5 years ago
I clicked the "download here" link, and found no sign of the plans.


Did anyone download the plans before they disappeared?
orksecurity5 years ago
Apparently the full plans are subscriber-only content on the progressivefarmer.com website. Somewhat vexing.

Reminder to anyone planning to build a shed: Check local zoning laws before you finalize your plans and start spending money. You may need a construction permit, or there may be flood-control rules you have to meet. The size of the shed may affect which, if any, of these rules kick in. Always check with your Local Authority Having Jurisdiction.
Joyusnoise6 years ago
Plenty solid ! good instructable Thanks
What a lovely, sweet little shed! It looks like a lot of hard work went into making it. Fantastic! :D
foobear7 years ago
very very cute! Did you have to get a building permit to do it? So cute!
GeeDeeKay7 years ago
Great project! How is the floor finished? Is it just a dirt floor, or is it raised?
BeDub7 years ago
Thanks for this great Instructable. Can I ask what finish you used for the siding and roof?
Beautiful shed. You make it look so easy! Any idea of aproximate materials cost for this project?
Thanks for adding this! I am an extremely unoganized person so, seeing how well you can arrange things in there is much appreciated.
this shed is so adoreable. Do you have any pics of the inside?
Thanks! I have added some more pictures of the shed as Step #12.
shortbus7 years ago
Great job, you add in a lot of thought to your work, I love all your stuff.
lebowski7 years ago
Nice work. You can also attach PDF's directly to your Instructable. Just upload them along with your images.