Step 20: Final Product

Picture of Final Product
If you have made it through the instructable and now have a working timer either on the breadboard or on a PC board, congratulations! You have just proved that the little plastic chip is not magic (just the little plastic TO-92 transistor packages!)

Hopefully you have enjoyed this project and possibly learned something. If you have, please vote for it in the hurricane lasers contest!

If you have any suggestions of things to figure out and build, such as a certian IC or something of the nature please leave your suggestion in a comment below!

Good luck and happy making!
Lee731 year ago

That is awesome. Certainly the best how-to I've seen on here....

Red Smoke1 year ago
i was wondering what the capacitor on the pcb version was for, stabilising power supply?
bloc972 years ago
Wow great tutorial!
This can show how IC's are all actually simple electronic circuits compressed together.
nibrobb3 years ago
You deserve a medal. You have gone really in-depth on this topic and you have written a lot. Really good pictures and very "goodly" explained. Thank you, I'll go order all the components now.(probably not right now; but in the near future).
Teslaling (author)  nibrobb3 years ago
Thanks! Tearing things down like this is something that I enjoy very much. I delve down very far into this project to fully understand everything I could about the workings of the timer so I took the time to share all that I could with the world!

Good luck to you if you give it a go! I would like to see pictures!