hey guys
In this instructibles Im gonna show you how to build this arduino robot that you can control with any kind of Tv remote or with your smart phone and programming some messages to show on the screen when you press any button on the remote

also it has a "auto mode" that can detect the distance with ultrasonic sensor and avoid obstacles

Step 1: Watch the Video!

The video gives you a basic overview which steps are necessary to build you own robot . But I will present you more detailed information in the following step

Step 2: Buy the Necessary Components!

Here is a list of parts you will need for this project:
x1 Robot chassis
amazon http://amzn.to/29cOkWx
aliexpress http://bit.ly/29fgYVV

x1 L298n motor driver module

amazon http://amzn.to/29BJ6lP
aliexpress http://bit.ly/29fifMD

x1 ultrasonic sensor
amazon http://amzn.to/29k0nlL
aliexpress http://bit.ly/29fgYVV

x1 Arduino nano v3.0
amazon http://amzn.to/29eczmr
aliexpress http://bit.ly/29hdZha

x1 Ir receiver module (you can unsolder it from tv receiver or toys rc helicopter)
amazon http://amzn.to/29BVpP2

aliexpress http://bit.ly/29khyUp

x1 Bluetooth module
amazon http://amzn.to/29865Dd

aliexpress http://bit.ly/29aIAKn

x1 3s 2200mah 8c lipo battery
amazon http://amzn.to/29BVwu0

aliexpress http://bit.ly/29ak800

x1 9g servo

amazon http://amzn.to/29dCNJo

aliexpress http://bit.ly/29b6vd3

x1 jumper wires (m-m , m-f , f-f)
amazon http://amzn.to/29krkqy

aliexpress http://bit.ly/29C8AzC

x1 16x2 lcd module with i2c module builtin
amazon http://amzn.to/29d67Nh

aliexpress http://bit.ly/29adZfL

x1 mini bredboard

aliexpress http://bit.ly/29mBqrv

x1 power line from a big bread board

x1 double side tape
x1 ultrasonic hloder (I cut it from old toy rc helicopter chassis)

Step 3: Follow the Shcomatics!

Step 4: Find Out the IR Codes From the Remote

first of all you most download and enable the ir library by click here
then go to File > Examples> IRremote>IRrecvDemo and upload the sketch
Now , whenever you press any button it's shows the code on the serial display

Step 5: Upload the Code!

the most important think you have to do after downloading the code is to replace the codes that showed in the code with your own remote codes by folowing Step 4

<p>Very cool robot!!</p>

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