As a student enrolled in an academic, technical high school, I have been exposed to many aspects of technology, including engineering, vehicle design, and electronics. However my area of focus is currently law, public safety and government policy. With the frequency of drones in the media, I have become interested in their potential impact on the future of our daily lives. This interest, combined with my concern for the environment, has brought me to a point where I have decided to create a drone that is both aerodynamically feasible and environmentally responsible. 

     Being on a high school student's budget is not the best place to begin.  The more I looked into the possibilities, the more discouraged I became, because the typical materials and components used in a quad copter are either out of my price range, or prone to destruction after just a couple of rough landings. I soon realized that I was really going to have to think outside the box to come up with an affordable design concept that could get off the ground, without breaking the bank, or my hopes and dreams for flying. 

    As I began designing this, my first quad copter, I had certain goals that I wanted to achieve. First my multi-rotor must be watertight, since I want to fly it over water, as well as land. Therefore, I needed to consider the materials for the fuselage, as well as those that would connect the body parts together. Obviously, my quad copter must also be buoyant, so again material composition, as well as the weight of each part, needed to be considered. Finally, I wanted to be able to fly the quad copter at night and have it be discoverable, if it were lost in a wooded area with dense foliage, so my lighting choices were also important.

     After spending some long nights in front of a computer screen, as well as many days experimenting, designing and assembling, I present the AZ-Eco Quad...




Step 1: Potential Recycled Materials

      Since I am creating an eco-friendly quad copter in this Instructable, I wanted to collect as many items as I could that would otherwise end up in the landfill or be recycled, in order to reuse them. It is amazing to discover what things end up at the curb on trash day, and then realize that many of these items are made of materials that are strong, durable, and light enough for designing a quad copter. With a little Shoe Goo ™, some screws and ingenuity, there are an infinite number of possibilities for a project like this one. So let’s get started!
<p>what kind of motor does this need?</p>
<p>whre does i get the circuit board</p>
i cant get circuitboard
<p>But are the joints reliable? What if even one of the many joints go loose? Nevertheless,hats off! </p>
<p>buy link</p>
<p>Why no video of it working?</p>
<p>good job...can u tell me the weight of FRAME(BOTTLE) alone without electrical components!!!!!!</p>
<p>good work ......really it is interesting project...can u tell me only the weight of FRAME (BOTTLES) without electrical components!!!!!!</p>
<p>I only don't get that type of propellers:(</p>
Awesome! Creative, detailed and precise. Good job!
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Well done! I build a triamaran out of old 1 liter bottles, but this is amazing. We really need to be looking at what we dispose of closer.
Hi Again :) <br>well , this is the Quad rotor which belongs to me and also the second picture are our team in IRAN ROBOCUP league that we could be 2# ! one of the most famous robotic competition in Asia <br> <br>we call it Quad rotor but you call quad copter , which one of them mostly use in your sides ? <br> <br>also i am an electronics designer , i can design any kind of radio control circuit's , let me know if there is any question about radio controls
THIS is what an Instrucable should be like! Well Done!
Thanks! Glad you liked it.
Great job!
Thank you! It's been a fun project. I'm still learning a lot.
That's creative
Superb job of &quot;scrounging&quot; for appropriate materials and parts and checking out the various ways to fasten, bind, attach everything. It takes real creativity to look at &quot;junk&quot; and see utility and creation. <br> <br>I'd like to see the project totally unpainted, just letting the parts speak for themselves -- seems like it would add some more &quot;personality&quot; as a recycled material project. <br> <br>Well done, keep up the great work!
Thank you for such a nice compliment! Doing projects like this does give the &quot;junk&quot; a second life and a new personality. I might try an unpainted version another time. Thanks for the idea.
Fantastic Idea !! Would love to see a video of your drone in flight, from take off to landing.
Thanks! I'm working towards that goal.
Very cool! I'd love to see a video of it in action!
Thanks! I hope I can post a video at some point, but I have to become a better pilot first.
Me Too!
Congratulations on a really outstanding writeup and eco build. Very creative use of materials. Would love to see a video of flight.
Thanks a lot for the nice comment! I really have to get better at RC flying before I can post a video.
Nice job,that one looks like it could bite,or sting.
Thanks! It bites the dust on my landing attempts, more often than not. lol
Very nice quad rotor ! <br> <br>Good luck my friend
Thanks for the encouragement!
Great job...
Thank you!
Wow, I never knew about poking plastic with a heated screwdriver! I used to try to dremel out holes and use nail clippers (just kidding) but it never worked. <br> <br>Thanks!
Melting holes usually does a good job on thin plastic.
Well done! This is a great write up. I'm amazed at the time taken to explain the process and the use of recycled materials. I'll be using this a learning platform for future projects. You've got my vote!
Thanks! I really appreciate such a nice comment!
i made something like that last year at my school : )
very nice white up good job on building this out of waste
Thanks! I really enjoy creating projects like this.

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