Introduction: Build Your Own Electric Car: Cheap

Hi everyone,
This is a presentation I did at the Mother Earth Fair Sept. 25th 2010.
In it, I cover the steps it took for me to build an electric car on a budget.
It was only a 45 minute presentation, so some things were only touched on that in themselves can be very deep topics.
Think of this as a good into or overview and that it IS possible to build your own electric car on a budget.


avocadostains (author)2015-03-19

I've been interested in EV for some time. The affordability and seeming followability of this instructable is inspiring.

mrauto123 (author)2013-09-01

You probably already said this but what brand generator did you use.

bennelson (author)mrauto1232013-09-01

When I converted the car to a plug-in hybrid mode, I used a Generac brand generator.

malang5050 (author)2012-09-30

please can any one guide me where to get a cheap second dc motors, for my e-motorcycle

jbaker22 (author)malang50502013-04-14

Put ball bearings in a car starter motor and that is cheap.

Jason_G (author)2012-04-02

I really enjoyed this presentation. A great entry-level introduction to EV conversions- perfect for a newb like me.

The DVD he mentions at the end can be found here:

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