Now that you have made it through, if you chose to build a guitar, you are probably going to want to make more. Hopefully some of the info as well as links I have provided has helped to get you started in the right direction. Guitar building is fun and chalenging at the same time, and if your like me you will always want to improve your skills and find something else to try out on your next project. I have added some pictures of some of the guitars that I have made down at the bottom so you can see my progression. So here's to having fun and building a piece of art that you don't just have to look at. Though they do look good hung on a wall!
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JorKnee3 years ago
I am also building my own guitar, but theres is just one more part i need. On the the headstock of most strats are two clips that the top 4 strings go under, before they reach the machine heads. im not sure if im being completely stupid or not, i just want to know if i can get these and what they are called.
larsw2 JorKnee1 year ago

the part you are looking for is called a string tree.

dreamer103 years ago
dude thats badazz but how much did the all the equip cost
rjbalon3 years ago
Great Instructable! This is mine. It's actually going to be a bass. I did it a little differently because I made the head myself and want to keep the natural look of the wood. I'm also making it in school so I have aaccess to more things (planers, cheaper wood, ect.)
Derek Vigil3 years ago
My favorite guitar of yours is the one in the sixth picture.
Very good instructable.
I build this one myself when I was 15. I wasn't alowed to buy one, so I asked my parents "what if I build one myself?" They said "OK", but they thought I couldn't do it. Man, were they wrong... :)
Zelfbouw 1 bis.jpg
man i wish i could thumbs up this comment!
This is sick!
I love everything about it. Good job Merlin. :)
Nice !
That Guitar Is SWEET!! is it a custom shape? And i Love how its triple humbuckers.
Thanks. Actually it's a crossing between a Fender stratocaster and a Gibson Solid Guitar. The body is made after a Gibson SG while the neck was based on the Stratocaster. Only I split up the tuning keys into a 4/2 setup rather than all keys on one side like the original Strat has.
A most excellent example of fine craftsmanship. It looks like it sounds pretty good too. Anyways, I'm planning on making one myself...any advice or tips?
grimsdagger4 years ago
thats amazing, I love the white and black guitar with the gold finishings, it's really beautiful.
love the splatter finish on the white one! may i ask how you accomplished that?
the obvious method....
gee, thanks... ;)
where do you get the heads for your guitars? They look premade cus they are perfect every time, and i think they would look perfect for the guitar i am making
Irock1484 years ago
dude you could add the humbucker's from the second one on to the one that looks like an SG (im talking about the one's that are in the irst picture
bertdorf44 years ago
How much did it cost to put all of this together?
very nice job. i know how satisfying it is to see and play a guitar you've put a lot of hours into. The ones you made are pretty freaking sweet and must be very satisfying to you. I got a sustainer driver I made for about $15 of spare parts and radioshack parts that I put on a frankenstrat I made. I'm working of drawing the schematics and editing the pics and hope to have it up on here soon.
I'm thinking of making my own guitar with a unique body and paint job, but with this paint job comes the name of the guitar written along the fretboard. Does anyone know how I can do this, because I don't think inlaying it will have the right effect.
Man, u wrote totally what i needed. I really like ur aproach and stuff. although some things are rather hard to understand (im just some 15 year old dude from Holland) u are going to get me the highest note for Art since im making a guitar as final project for it. Thanks a lot. I've still got some questions though: does maghony the trick as body wood? is it proper enough to just apply a normal switch beteewn the output and ur wiring to kill the sound (like when i gatto warm my tubes up but dont want any noise coming through)? and how do u apply the things to attach the band that hangs ur guitar over ur shoulder? thanks a lot again and i hope to hear from u soon! greets, Pim
texaslady5 years ago
I'm 72, I carve portraits of people and pets on ostrich eggshells and am a longtime painter. But, I believe I'm going to give building a guitar - with your help - a definite try. Thanks. Texaslady
What all would I need to change to make the guitar left handed?
frogzilla5 years ago
 i made a fretless steel and polycarbonate with blue glow in the dark fluidin the middle, it was an ax shapped one, i wonder if i still have it, i hope i do, it was awesome!!! :?
Great work! Your blue strat replica looks exactly like the mexican deluxe which is what i have! Hmmmmm... this really makes me want to build my own...
pyroninja215 years ago
the body of that white guitar u made looks sooo much like the washburn i have
pardusimo5 years ago
Im sorry if I'm wrong, but in the Saga kit guitar picture, the headstock says fender....
gbuilder (author)  pardusimo5 years ago
 Wow I'm really late at answering this but it does say Fender. I found some obscure website that sold Fender water-slide headstock logos. Don't worry I'm not ever going to sell it and rip some poor guy off. I just didn't want to spend so much time making it look like a Fender only to use a blank headstock. 
cereal665 years ago
ryerath5 years ago
 do you have any idea of how to put a Fuzz Factory into a guitar?
JAZ975 years ago

this is an awsome desighn how did you do it???
I made a guitar out of nothing but a couple sheets of .25 inch plywood. It looks awesome except the paint job (My brother did it without me knowing). I built it with a saw and a couple of drill bits. And it is extremely light weight. But the pickup is an old crappy one so it doesn't play distortion. But I bought a $100 guitar at Walmart so maybe I'll take the parts off that. Not right now though, it's too much fun at the moment! I just take the neck off other guitars to build my own. The neck on it right now was from a garage sale and I got it for $2.50! Very cheap! 2 frets were messed up, but they have since been fixed, and the neck has a bend, so it sucks when I try and play it, but I put something underneath so the strings are further from the body, but not by that much, and it works perfectly fine. When I take apart my $100 Walmart guitar, the neck from that is going on my TMEG1, which is my guitar that I made. And the crappy pickup is going to go back on the old Kent acoustic electric. So I'll have 1.5 acoustic guitars, and 1.5 electric guitars! If it doesn't work I can always put the parts back on the original guitar.
kyrinp5 years ago
this is my final result. this is a great instructable
I want to build an electric guitar for my senior project at my school, and I have to have a minimum of 20 hours, put into this project. I was wondering will I come even close to that building a guitar? Just out of curiosity, I have other ideas, but this is what I want to do.
hey, You should totally build it. I'm building one for my senior project, and I think that if you take your time, you will definitely get 20 hours. I also have to have 20 hours:)
I was going to ask my advisor if waiting for glue to dry would count towards my 20 hours, I'm making my own body, I didn't plan on buying a body blank
BOOJAN6 years ago
does it worth to build guitar from scratch or it is better to buy one??
even if its expesive dude its your sigunature guitar right
I think that it's worth making your own. You could try putting your own custom spin on it. Like, I'm gonna make an exact replica of Demyx's Sitar in Electric guitar form...
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