Step 4: Assembling the Pipes and Fittings

Picture of Assembling the Pipes and Fittings
The exact length of the pipes used will depend on the specific situation. Start by connecting the 3/8 threaded fittings to two equal lengths of pipe. Press the unsoldered end up through the holes in the base so that the threaded fittings are on the bottom. Make sure the length of pipe above the board is equal and tighten the bolts.
Attach the valves making sure that they both have room to turn freely.
Once the valves are in place connect both to the T fitting using elbows. The center of the T fitting should face forward as this is where you will attach the pipe that caries water to the sink. Use a piece of pipe to ensure that it does not interfere with the valves.
Fit an elbow onto the final piece to direct the flow of water downward. Adding a 3/8” threaded piece and the hose adapter will allow you to screw hoses onto your sink.
It is wise to cut and fit all pieces before soldering to ensure they all fit together properly.