Using ABS or PVC cement, select a well ventilated work area and read all safety precautions and directions before proceeding.
If your choice of cement came with a dabber affixed to the inside of the lid, apply lightly to both the outer rim of the PVC tube area you've sanded, as well as to the inner neck of the cut bottle top.
Depending on your cement, and amount applied, it may dry quickly, so just work on one bottle top / PVC combination at a time.
Once both parts have cement applied, fit them together and apply some pressure while rotating approximately a quarter of a turn.
This will help both parts to bond better.
Once satisfied, repeat the process on the other bottle top / PVC set.
NOTE:   As a precaution, leave the screw on caps off their perspective bottle tops until the cement has dried and cured to avoid accidentally permanently affixing them to the bottle tops.  Cement should cure completely after several hours.
I would not advise building geocaches that look anything like a bomb. : ( <br>
This works well with 1 1/2 inch PVC pipe and large juice bottle screw tops. <br>Travel bugs can fit into these and can hold more geoswag.
This is awesome and i am deffinatlly going to be building one of these. Thank you very much i am a very active Geocacher up in maine and have several of my own out in the field. THANK YOU!!!!
Hi there goodness181, <br> Thanks for your enthusiastic comment. :) <br>I've gotten a bit of unanticipated feedback on this type of cache after showing it to friends, and also on the www.podcacher.com geocaching pod cast (a very good geocaching show if you've never listened to them. <br> The thought had never even crossed my mind while creating this, and I've got 22 years in the Infantry, plus an additional 6 years in the air force, but more than a few folks have suggested that this cache type looks like a pipe bomb. <br>Pod cacher suggested painting it pink, and other ave suggested hiding this type of cache very well in a non-populated area, like the woods. <br> I'm convinced now that both of these are good ideas. <br>Personally, now that I think of it, my cache does resemble what we call a para-flare. :)
Do you find it necesary to have a removable cap on both ends? Or could you just glue a pvc pipe cap on one end?
Hi Heathbar64. <br /> I placed the cap on both ends for two reasons. <br /> 1. To save money, using the bottle top which came with y purchase of the beverage it originally held. <br /> 2. For ease of just pushing the pen and log sheet out the other end. <br /> <br /> I suppose those building their own will modify it any way they like, so the possibilities are endless. <br /> <br />Good idea though. <br /> <br />I suppose rather than painting the container, you could also wrap bark from a dead branch around it for a more natural camouflage. <br /> <br />Thanks for your suggestion.
Please consider hiding traditional caches--micro caches are not as much fun!
CaseyCase, though this would be considered a &quot;Small&quot; as opposed to a Micro, I personally know may cachers who especially enjoy hunting for NANO and MICRO caches. <br /> I would certainly enjoy reading your thoughts on my Instructable in addition to what I've learned about your opinion to looking for Micro Caches. :) <br /> Happy GeoCaching! <br />- Cheers! <br /> <br />P.S. My Geocaching name on www.geocaching.com is also Cache Slinger. if anyone else has a geocaching account, feel free to link to your profile or add your caching name and number of find if you like. :) <br />Here's the link to my profile though you may need a free account to view it: Cache Slinger http://www.geocaching.com/profile/?guid=f8699c0d-eae7-4d55-8790-ae37f52929c9&amp;wid=cd403676-25f5-4d17-8d23-f02f6f160991&amp;ds=2

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