A major checkpoint for a guitarist is his first custom guitar build. I am yet to get there. Good luck!
Build Your Own Electric Guitar! style
Have you ever looked at a guitar and wondered, "How do they make that?" Or thought to yourself, "I bet that I could build my own guitar," but never actually tried it? I have built several electri...
Machine Your Own Guitar style
If you're thinking about designing and building a custom guitar, or even if you're just curious, this Instructable can give you some valuable knowledge and a look at utilizing tools in a different way...
Resonator guitar converted from old acoustic guitar style
I had this old acoustic guitar and decided to convert it to an electric resonator guitar.....I'm retired in Costa Rica and my tools and resources are limited so it's more work with what you have.....T...
Electric Cigar Box Guitar style
Albeit guitar manufacturing has come a long way in the past hundred years, there is a long history to show that you don't need much to make a guitar. All you need is a box to resonate the sound, a pl...
Homer Simpson Guitar style
I'm going to show how I made a guitar that looks like Homer Simpson. It's not the best sounding or playing guitar, but that was not the point. I just wanted a hilarious looking guitar to hang on my wa...
Guitar Project style
So I have been planning on building a guitar for quite some time now.  I play some and I like to make things quite  a bit, this seemed like a fun project so I got started.  A few friends asked for pic...
Scratch Built Electric Guitar style
The final for a music class I took was building an instrument. So I built this. Wood: Maple-Neck Paduak-Body, headstock Unknown-fretboard Walnut-inlay The electronic components were purchased as a s...
diy cheap bass or electric guitar style
this is my first instructable. this is an unconventional way of building an electric or bass guitar. i have built a total of 14 including this one. one of the electric guitar that i have built has li...
Acoustic Guitar to Acoustic Bass Conversion style
This instructable was made to convert an acoustic Guitar to Acoustic Bass. You may be asking yourself why anybody would ever want to turn an acoustic guitar into an acoustic bass. Well I can’t answer...
How to build an Electric Guitar. style
While I acknowledge there are many instructables on building, modding and hacking guitars of all sorts; it is my intention to demonstrate how you too can achieve professional like results when buildin...
Trash-o-caster style
During a recent storm, this abused electric guitar was found on the curb, buried in snow. Minus all the electrics except the jack, I resolved to bring it back from the brink. I've always wanted a 'Str...