Picture of Build Your Own Microphone
Ever wanted a microphone to chat on skype or yahoo or aim with your friends but dont wanna buy one well heres your answer to that dilema.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Well the first thing our gonna need is a set of headphones(or earbuds preferably) that you wont want back. You will also need an altoids tin (It can be any type of tin or even a box, i just love altoids tin projects), A pair of scissors or a razor, paper or some kind of tube the headphone jack(part that fits into mp3/cd player or comp) can fit through easily i used paper. Thats about all you need.
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mist.form.79 months ago

Any speaker can actually act as a microphone but with varying quality because they were designed to use electrical signals to vibrate a "drum" that produces sound. Then it requires a sensitive "drum" to convert sounds into electrical energy and the quality of this depends on the material and manufacturer of the speaker/earbud you are attempting to use.

BobJ29 months ago


Danielac11 months ago

I cant understand what bud Im Supposed to do and you should also put what to do with headphones

Hzavial11 months ago

plzzz give me video of this.because i cant understood.

I tried the Ible but the sound is Waaaaaaay to quiet even on the loudest setting I can barely hear it. I am on a Mac please help

zrobles3 years ago
i did what you did but didn't work you lied
Maybe you did it wrong, but I know he didn't lie.
obimaxharry3 years ago
I can hear myself, but it is really really quiet! Help please!
Maxaxle3 years ago
Actually a really good idea, but I bet it sounds slightly tinny.
Kundancool3 years ago
Waste of time its not what I was searching for its like preparing a stand for microphone not building it
apoel4 years ago
i cant hear my voice when i record
someone help!!
Etsi mannakas ise. OMONOIA
gamw tin omonoia kalamaruia reeeeeeeee
wii5524 years ago
it will always be the earbud that is labelled left (with an l on it). If the labelling is worn off, then you can do this, but that will save you a bit of time
ibot65004 years ago
wood wood work
Hmff4 years ago
Can you make a head set of the two combined?
ski4jesus5 years ago
NICE KNIFE!!! haha, yah, i just made almost a studio quality microphone with some really nice speakers that i found, so i reversed the wires and attached them to a guitar cable and plugged em' in to my amp! it does work, and great job.
yugankarya5 years ago
how we can downloade
theexpert5 years ago
actualy that other bud isnt useless you can use it as a regular headphone so you can hear the people
s1175 years ago
Niether Ear bud works
nice u should upgrade this ......................................................

rockfan1875 years ago
Dude that's awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
joinaqd6 years ago
nice job making this...i made an instructable about how to make homemade headphones lol...check it out sometime.here's the link Homemade headphones
rada1946 years ago
Thanks man i did that and now i can talk to my friends online. I used a fat marker tube for my headphones it worked so perfectly. thanks for the idea.
mason01907 years ago
Looks like an elementary school intercom.
cd41 mason01906 years ago
when i find a working pair of headphones and a altoids tin(how do i not have one sitting around?!?!?!) im gonna paint the tin black of white or something, maybe even put a little fake toggle switch to enhance the effect
luchfo6 years ago
thanks a lot.you just saved me about 20 dollars.
mason01907 years ago
Maybe you could use the other bud as a speaker.
mason01907 years ago
*quote* I just love altoids tin projects.*unquote*
GASP!!! Me too!
mason01907 years ago
Altoids tins yay!!! :D
lupinesoul7 years ago
Skype? Yahoo? Hah! Ventrilo is the way to go.
Z-and-B-inc7 years ago
I can't get it to work all I get is bzzzzzzzz. Can you give me some help.
Mr.Cire8 years ago
Its you're ready to go. Not your. Thats just a pet peeve of mine.
i tryed it and the earbuds as microphones it was different on 2 computers
minisharkx (author)  Yerboogieman8 years ago
O.o well i only use mine on my laptop so i havent experienced that problem i have also since bought an actual microphone (birthday money who woulda figured thats how i could get cash)
true...i could use them for only one computer, yeah normal mic's have a bit better quality but it did work, nice work!
nathan421008 years ago
Now, make it light a small bulb with your voice.
i dont think many eople got the n64 reference lol
n64 reference? it was another instructable on here.
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