Build Your Own Microphone





Introduction: Build Your Own Microphone

Ever wanted a microphone to chat on skype or yahoo or aim with your friends but dont wanna buy one well heres your answer to that dilema.

Step 1: Materials

Well the first thing our gonna need is a set of headphones(or earbuds preferably) that you wont want back. You will also need an altoids tin (It can be any type of tin or even a box, i just love altoids tin projects), A pair of scissors or a razor, paper or some kind of tube the headphone jack(part that fits into mp3/cd player or comp) can fit through easily i used paper. Thats about all you need.

Step 2: Figure Out Which Earbud Will Be the Microphone

Ok for this step plug the jack into its place(pink audio slot). After that click Start>Programs>Accessories>Entertainment>Sound Recorder. It will open up a box, when holding one of the headphones up to your mouth click the red circle and say something like "Test Test, This is a Test" now press the square to stop recording and then press the forward arrow to play. If you hear your recording then the headphone you tried first is the microphone is not click File>New when it asks to save click no and test with the other earbud, keep track of which is which otherwise you will mess up ruin your microphone and waste a set of perfectly good headphones.

Step 3: Cut Away the Pointless Bud

Well you could have a useless bud there but i found it to be annoying so with your scissors or other sharp object as close to the jack as possible cut away the second bud


Step 4: Paper (or Tube)

Fold a sheet of paper in half, tape the cable in it, then roll up the sheet of paper. If you think it is too bulky then cut the paper in half or so that way theres less material making it bulky.

With a tube just slide the jack down and glue the bud in place so it doesnt slide when pulled

Step 5: The Altoids Tin

now use your scissors, sharp object, or my favorite power drill, to make the holes which your paper and jack must fit through.

Step 6: Almost Done

Now take the jack and feed it through the hole ontop of the altoids tin and then feed it through the hole in the side as well. Bring the paper(or tube) through the hole then close the tin plug in your microphone and your ready to go.

Step 7: Done

congrats on finishing and thanks for reading my first intructable< hopefully you enjoyed it and your microphone works great. I'm not sure if its just because I used 2 dollar headphones for this but mine doesn't pick up sound to well, but others do so try using a pair that cost you 10 dollars but one of the buds died(hopefully not the one you need) Enjoy skype and all that stuff me k? :p ttyl




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    I will Try it Today Whether it works or not

    i made something much better using basically the same idea, i got a microphone from an earphone and put a p2 on it :)
    works perfectly and sound quality is the same as a microphone from a cellphone.

    If we have a headphones, why we need a mic.

    please spend some money for headphones with mic.

    It isn't actually. I don't think the maker made this entirely clear but still you should have spotted it. Your earphones need to support a microphone connection. At the jack of your earphones there will be small lines going round the metal. If your earphones have two then this isn't going to work for you as that means your earphones only support audio output. If it has three then you should be good as the third loop means that there is an audio input connector for the microphone but I would go and do his check using the sound recorder as well to double check.

    Any speaker can actually act as a microphone but with varying quality because they were designed to use electrical signals to vibrate a "drum" that produces sound. Then it requires a sensitive "drum" to convert sounds into electrical energy and the quality of this depends on the material and manufacturer of the speaker/earbud you are attempting to use.

    I cant understand what bud Im Supposed to do and you should also put what to do with headphones

    plzzz give me video of this.because i cant understood.

    I tried the Ible but the sound is Waaaaaaay to quiet even on the loudest setting I can barely hear it. I am on a Mac please help

    i did what you did but didn't work you lied

    1 reply

    Maybe you did it wrong, but I know he didn't lie.

    I can hear myself, but it is really really quiet! Help please!

    Actually a really good idea, but I bet it sounds slightly tinny.

    Waste of time its not what I was searching for its like preparing a stand for microphone not building it

    gamw tin omonoia kalamaruia reeeeeeeee

    it will always be the earbud that is labelled left (with an l on it). If the labelling is worn off, then you can do this, but that will save you a bit of time


    Can you make a head set of the two combined?

    NICE KNIFE!!! haha, yah, i just made almost a studio quality microphone with some really nice speakers that i found, so i reversed the wires and attached them to a guitar cable and plugged em' in to my amp! it does work, and great job.