Build Your Own Mini Disco Ball! Groovy!





Introduction: Build Your Own Mini Disco Ball! Groovy!

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Here is a cheap way to build a mini disco ball and recycle those annoying AOL CD's at the same time! Watch my (Kipkay) video and see it all come together!

Step 1: What You Need...

1. A bunch of useless internet CD's, like the AOL CD's you get in the mail.
2. A Small styrofoam ball
3. A glue gun and scissors
4. Fishing line or thread
5. A wooden skewer or coat hanger

Step 2: Say Bye Bye to the CD's...

Cut 'em up into small random square shapes...

Step 3: You Should Cut Up a Whole Lot...

Careful...these can be sharp...

Step 4: Putting It All Together...

Start hot glueing the pieces to the styrofoam ball. Work your way around until it is completely covered. Then using the skewer or coat hanger, run a hole through the middle, run some thread through the hole and either tie a big knot in the end or hot glue a button on the end. Hang it up and fire up your disco records! Have fun!



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    can you make a video on a disco ball that emits its own light

    No offense, but this is a sure sign that today's generation does not know about the past (what a shame!)...Do you know what an 8-track is, or what 45's and LP's are, or where the term "dialed" a number came from? If the answer to these questions is no, ask your parents or somebody older than you. That should clear up a lot of things.

    3 replies

    I DO I DO I DO!!! isn't that a accesorie for youre computer

    i know the LP and the dialed part and 45's. but i'm mostly interested in times long long ago (500 b.c to 1500 b.c.

    to reflect the laser to another wall sorry its a little split i forgot to add this

    well you should have said so. that's easy, just get a few spotlights and an electric clock(attatch the disco ball to the second hand)

    you do a great job at narrating your videos...almost like a professional person...

    5 replies

    i agree

    Kinda sounds like an infomercial...but not constantly saying BUY BUY BUY!!!

    Shine lasers at it.

    You shine light at it.

    Nice idea. Sure it's tedious and time consuming, but you don't need extravagant utensils. I'm gonna give it a try.

    go full size and leave the CD's whole. now that;s a big disco ball