This is our second winch build on instructables. Click Here to view our first winch build. Here is a step by step wakeboard winch build from our website www.beachwinches.com. I will try to give every detail of the build so you can have a basic understanding before and during the build.

Wakeboard winches have been around for years now and help wakeboarder, wakeskaters, and even snowboard and skiers to work on their skills and certian tricks. The simple design of these winches help them to be portable to be taking to places boats or jetskis can't go. These winches are a lot of fun to take everywhere! Enjoy the instructable and if you have any questions just leave your questions in the comments.

Step 1: Pre-Build: Gather Winch Parts

Before your start, here is a list of parts you will need. I have saved you a lot of Google searchs and included links to cheap parts we currently sell in our store so you can follow this list and have all the parts to get you started. The links are to help with your with your search. I encourage to look around the web for the best deals.

 Part, Quantity
Sprocket for #40/41 Chain, 55 Tooth, 1" Bore X1 
TAV2 30 Comet torque converter, 3/4" Bore, 10 toothed sprocket X1
1" Solid Steel Axle 1/4 keyway  need 36"  
Xtreme #40/41 High Perf. Racing Chain need 10' (you can always shorten a chain)   
Northern Tools 1in. Hydraulic Pillow Block X 2
WARN Works® Roller Fairlead X1
2-Piece, 4-Hole 6in. Split Rim X1
SGL FL Kart Hub 4H 1in. Bore X3

The torque converter in this build uses a Comet 30 Series. But the Comet Company went out of business so parts are hard to find. The TAV2 is a good torque converter and can replace our Comet 30 Series so do not be afraid if your winch does not look the same as ours. Use this build as a guide to your winch. That list is just the main mechanics of your winch. You still will need a spool (8in inner diameter, minimum of 12" diameter sidewalls) and choose a material type for your winch frame. For me the easiest to get was galvanized steel. It is a good option on the cheap side that will not corrode. The steel has a zinc coating bonded, so that if you grind it down it is still protected. But once you heat it up to weld it that zinc gets vaporized so you need to use an anti rust primer on all your welds. Also note that zinc vapors are pretty bad so watch out when you do your welding. Buy 2X2 steel so that it fits right into a tow hitch receiver. You also need a thick plate of steel, diamond plate is cool cause its pimp. That plate will be used to mount the engine so it must not vibrate, 4-5mm is a good thickness. That's it for the materials side of things.

Now you need to pick an engine. We sell a great 6.5 Horsepower Engine Here The transmission used for this design is a TAV2 30 Comet torque converter. Just make sure you order the right engine bore size so the engine and torque converter will work together. This leads to our engine choice. Most winches I've seen, including the first edition of the Distortion Grinch are using 6.5HP with a Torq-A-Verter or something kit. So counting the engine, all the parts from that list, and added materials for construction you are 100% sure to be under $1000.

So this is what we ordered. Now that all is here, let's get some winch building going!!!

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<p>where did your buy the torque converter and how much?</p>

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