Build Your Own Prototyping Kit...




Introduction: Build Your Own Prototyping Kit...

I like to make Prototyping Kits before I get into the details of creating some of my projects.  This way, I can "rough-in" the project parts before committing to a drawing that may have to be modified a bunch of times to get the project "dialed-in".

Here's a rough set of components that work as a foundation for other Prototyping parts - Circles, Polygons, etc. can be created over the drawing where needed to get a rough piece to help the Prototyping Process along.

It's basically a D I Y Erector Set in wood, plastic, or whatever material works for your project!

I made this quick set tonight atTechShop, San Jose -  It's easy enough to add lots more parts for the project you're working on, when needed...

I've added some 1/2" markings along the bars.  That's not for precision as much as a rough reference while roughing-in the design...

As usual, I used the Laser Engraver @ TechShop to burn these components.  Burn the number you need for your own project with the attached ProtoTypeKit.cdr (v15).



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