Through this instructable we will be creating a fun and unique twist to the iPhone stand. The great thing is once you have created one of these you'll have the knowledge to change it up and make multiples with different designs!

Things you will need:

Basic Coreldraw knowledge.
Basic operation knowledge for the Epilog laser
Acrylic plastic in whatever color you want
A plastic strip heater
Fabric or leather gloves
A band saw or scroll saw
A file
Acrylic cement
Applicator for the acrylic cement


Step 1: Create Your Parts!

To get started, browse revolver images until you find one you like.  Do the same for the revolver cylinder for the front of the stand.  Once you find the images you like  import and edit in Coreldraw.  After you have played with the various tools to achieve a suitable file for the laser, scale your parts to size.  After your revolver is scaled appropriately duplicate it.  You need two to make this work.  You will also need to create a rectangle about the same size of your iPhone.  I used a digital caliper to find my measurments.  We will need to bend the bottom of the rectangle in order to make the lip needed to hold your iPhone in place so add more length to your rectangle to compinsate for this bend.  Once all your software work is done, save your file to a thumb drive and head over to the laser to cut your parts out!
Can you perhaps upload the dwg file??<br>
nevermind. i googled it all and made a dwg file and got it all cut at school with their laser cutter. i wish i had blue plexi though. Hello spray paint. LOVE the design!!
Looks like a fully-loaded design!

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