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A slosh tube is a large PVC pipe filled with water and capped on the ends. It's a low tech piece of exercise equipment, it is however an effective workout tool. Best of all, you can build one yourself for about $25.

Step 1: You Will Need . . .

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Although there are variants to the construction of a Slosh Tube, this is the way I made my own.
For the "Pillar of pain" you will need the following, most of which can be purchased at the local hardware store:

4" x 10' PVC solid sewer pipe
4" PVC end caps (x2 for each end of the pipe; there are variants to what type of end cap that can be used)
Black Tape
PVC cement (make sure if you are using PVC use PVC cement; for ABS use ABS cement)

Measuring Tape
Waterproof permanent Marker
Sharp knife/blade

Step 2: Cut . ..

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With your Hacksaw cut off about 4" from the side that has the 'raised lip' if your pipe has one.

Step 3: Remove . ..

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Use the sharp knife/blade to remove the burrs left on the end after cutting with the hacksaw. wipe clean.

Step 4: Measure & Mark . ..

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Measure from one end to the exact centre of the pipe. Mark the exact centre. Please, unlike myself, make your line is straight. ;-)

Step 5: Tape . ..

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Where the mark has been made stick some black tape to mark the centre of the pipe.

Step 6: Seal, Fill, Seal . ..

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- Make sure there are NO burrs and the end is clean before using cement.

*You can use PVC primer before using the cement; I didn't use it for this tube but I've had better results using the PVC Primer

- use PVC cement to glue one end cap on.

- wait about 5 mins. to allow for curing/drying of glue.

- Fill the tube about half full of water (depending in how heavy you want the tube.)

- Make sure there are NO burrs and the end is clean before using cement.

- use PVC cement to glue the other end cap on.

Enjoy your slosh tube!!


l8nite (author)2009-06-13

if you use an end cap with a cleanout and plug you could adjust the weight...really cool idea

theRIAA (author)2009-06-07

this sounds cool, would be fun to have and use. That's 50 lbs of water right there. would be really hard to handle if it was on one side... does it work as a barbell or would a small/bigger one work better?

greenteaent (author)theRIAA2009-06-11

I have seen, on the interweb, some people have made shorter tubes ( 6' pipes) and also tubes with a smaller diameter (3" instead of 4"). Check out the link for ideas.

PKM (author)theRIAA2009-06-08

I would imagine you want a smaller weight than you would use for a barbell because the dynamic force could be a lot greater. The inventors/users probably have a method for working out how much weight you want, but to be on the safe side I'd be tempted to halve it (if you can bench 50lbs, use 25lbs of water) so that even if all the weight is on one side it's not much more load than you would have with a regular barbell. Of course, once the water starts sloshing then you will have even more force because of the changing momentum, but I think that's the point where you start dropping it :)

greenteaent (author)2009-06-07

I made one a week ago. It is a pretty tough workout.

randofo (author)2009-06-07

What exactly does one do with a slosh tube?

Phil B (author)randofo2009-06-07

Thanks to Google, I learned a slosh tube is handled something like a barbell, but the water sloshes around in it and constantly changes the muscle force and direction that needs to be used to control it so that you get a strenuous workout while trying to lift, handle, and balance the thing. See:

bumpus (author)Phil B2009-06-07

What a clever idea! Great way to DIY exercise. :D

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