Step 2: Materials for the Foundation

For the masonry of the foundation we went out and bought 15 cinderblocks, and suplemented these with clay bricks that we got for free off of kijiji and some concrete pavestones from a neighbor's old patio.  Clay bricks can only be used above ground, other wise they will erode.  Looking back, it would have been easier to simply use cinderblocks and we strongly recommend it if you don't have other materials to get rid of.  Also, buy more mortar than you think you will need.  We ended up using a lot of mortar and if you have any extra you can always return it or pour it in the cinderblocks like we did to make the foundation even stronger.
<p>I appreciate your detailed steps on building a storage shed. I considered shed plans for a 10 x 12 wood shed. However, by the time I priced the materials needed I simply could not afford the cost.</p><p>I finally found a metal storage shed kit by Arrow storage. No its not custom, but it works well for storing my lawnmower and garden tools. The steel shed kit came factory direct from the manufacturer originalshelters.com within 8 days. During the wait time for shipping, I was able to visit the Home Depot and get the materials for the shed floor.</p><p>It only cost me $463.20 with the floor materials included. The 10' x 12' shed looks great outback and I have had several comments from neighbors. I am interested in seeing how it does during the frequent hail storms we get here all the time in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas. While at Home Depot, we picked up some extra concrete anchors to make sure it has a strong and durable foundation to prevent wind blow over. </p>
Very nice. Thanks for sharing.
<p>How to build a foundation without concrete from dmacsports.com</p><p><iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="281" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/LN7JE6EEd3I" width="500"></iframe></p><p>&quot;I'm planning on using these anchors to build a foundation</p><p>without concrete. Would appreciate any feedback, pros/cons etc..</p><p>Thanks!&quot;</p>
It seems you forgot to install sill pan around the base between the wall and concrete. to prevent water damage.
Extra storage space is always welcomed around the house even if you do not have any kids or college students around. Things just happen to build up every once awhile, do they not? I thought it is going to be an almost impossible mission to DIY our own storage shed so we have resorted to under-the-bed boxes, but I guess that fact is going to change. Thanks for sharing your experience!
Glad the instructable was useful!
Glad that the instructable helped! We couldn't do anything like that with ours because we have lots of wildlife in our neighborhood and they like to take up residence in any warm or sheltered spots
Thanks for sharing your detailed step-by-step DIY guide, especially the part about filling in the sloped ground area. Our backyard is similar to yours and we have been contemplating on the various materials to use to level up the sloped ground area. Now, we have the idea and are ready to start on our own DIY storage shed. Extra space is always needed especially when things keep getting piled up around the house each day. Thanks again and your storage shed looks great!
Hello, <br>This was a helpful article on getting a sturdy shed up. I am thinking of building but have been shopping for <a href="http://www.deliveredbarnsandsheds.com" rel="nofollow">storage sheds in hendersonville nc</a> as well. Your step by steps helped me get a grip on the task ahead! <br>Thank you for the insight, Blake
Glad I could help!
Simple,but there's a daunting when you sight at first and has a durable made. <br> <br>[url=http://www.rent2ownstoragesheds.com/]Amish Portable Storage[/url] <br>
Great instructable!
Very good job and a fun project. It is so expensive no days going to the builders store. I did not see how much money you had invested in the project and what was the size again?
I should have included that. It cost us about $1300 and took quite a while to build. The shed measures 9.5'x9.5'.
Good job and it will last for a long time.
Your shed looks awesome,man i will build one like that in the future.
Woops, was going to make a comment about local building permits, but you got it covered!
Yeah, I made sure to include that becasue I don't want to give anyone ideas and then have them get in trouble because their township doesn't have the same rules as ours.

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