Step 4: Begin installing the electronics.

Picture of Begin installing the electronics.
You'll need a motor, speed controller, battery, receiver and two sub-micro servos.

There are many different types and sizes of these items, but this is what I use:

1 Thunder Power 1320-2S-TP LiPo Battery
1 Thunderbird 18 Brushless Speed Controller
1 ARC-20-34-110 Brushless Motor
1 4 Channel Light Flight S4 Receiver
2 Blue Bird BMS-306 Servos

I bought these items from Light Flight RC
techmonster3 years ago
would it be okay for me to use a standard spektrum receiver for this plane or would it be too big?
manis14 years ago
sendorm4 years ago
those prices are incredibly high. you could probably get similar items from a chineese site for 1/3rd of the price.

whereami5 years ago
Does anyone know which remote controller is the best/cheapest that will work with this system
Terivia5 years ago
i have a broken j3 cub, and was wondering if i could Frankenstein the electronics onto one of these, and still fly it. i really want to fly again, even though i suck, but i don't want to shell out a lot of cash, cause to be blunt, i don't have any.
RobbMeex6 years ago
Awesome. Makes me wanna fly an RC plane. And in AL too!!
mman15066 years ago
why 4 channe i see only 3 channels used
badenuff6 years ago
why is buying a rc aircraft, cheaper than buying parts?
ish3116 years ago
would taking all the parts off my currently broken firebird rc aircraft work or would I need a larger motor/lighter battery. I'm talking about the electronic parts the wings i broke and i don't want to pay 12 dollars and worry about shipping for the thing when with this i can get a 15 pack of 4footX2foot pink foam for 34 bucks.