Step 3: Make the shaft

Picture of Make the shaft
This is just a piece of aluminum stock turned on a lathe. The center diameter is about .98" (which is the inside diameter of the platters) and about 1.77" long (so it will fit in a piece of 2" thick acrylic).

The thinner sections on each end are turned to fit the ball bearings I pulled from a box of scrap.
swdepew5 years ago
try www.metalsdepot.com
jfkyz1257 years ago
dear luke luck can u tell me were to buy the aluminum stock i have went to every metal and aluminum retailer and they can't tell me anywhere to get the aluminum stock and nice instructable i made one sorta like yours but i made mine using the original hardrive casing and just drilled a hole in the side and forced air torwards the platters that way
ace hardware or a metal supply will have aluminum stock. even home depot may have it. improvise! :D hope i helped