Step 6: Make the chamber

Picture of Make the chamber
This is a 4.75" x 4.75" x 2" piece of acrylic that was bored out on a lathe using a 4 jaw chuck. The intake hole is taped for a 1/4" pipe fitting and all of the other holes are 1/4 - 20.

I used acrylic because it's what I had around and because it's going to be used for lecture demonstrations. You can use metal or even wood. However, if you plan to use steam instead of compressed air, wood might expand too much.
I wonder if you could do me a favor re your tesla turbine, I reached a quantum figure of 17 thou gap between blades (for compressd Air) for a more fluid-like force on the turbines to increase torque. is it possible for you to try this for me.any added expense will be paid by me,or if interested external micro adjustments for simplified cnc made from Corian-bench top and any threaded rod-(zero play acheived) by using human error factor.
Science4fun4 years ago
One other thing on Efficiency:

Since the the platters were disassembled, then it is a good time to grab some 2000 grit Automotive wet sand paper flat on a surface then place the disc on top and lightly sand the surface. the microgrooves will give better "Traction" to the air while not creating inbalances on the discs.

also the end collars with set screws should be mounted 180° apart on the shaft.
for counter balancing.
Science4fun4 years ago
This Block should have an exhaust port LARGER than the pressurized IN port.
like a long, horizontal slot at the bottom end of the same face as the IN port.
The exhaust port should have total freedom in exiting, after propelling the discs.

Also, the IN port is drilled into a straight hole, thereby applying pressure on just the middle plates. So then, WHAT is the purpose of having so many platters??
the section beyond the threads should be carved out with a dremel tool into a Fan shape so incoming air is distributed to ALL platters.

You DO NOT want anything flowing thru your bearings. not good as exhaust

The way it is right now, it's pretty inefficient.

AYARSJD5 years ago
What about an exhaust port? where does the pressure go? assuming it's not entireley air tight I can imagine some leakage but wouldn't it be best to have added a second brass fitting below the first to allow exhaust and bi-directional movement?
LostMachine9 years ago
Are you using Cast Acrylic? If not how did it machine? I've never tried working extruded. LM
sbtroy (author)  LostMachine9 years ago
I think it's Cast Acrylic, not extruded. At least, some similar stock material said cast acrylic on the label.