Step 9: Complete turbine and movie

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maikel22 years ago
a conventional rotary compressor runs more than 100k rpm to develop vacuum to sucks outside air continuously thus compressed it.if this device run at that speed can it become a compressor???
FFX2 years ago
Make a good gearbox and put it to a generator which will charge the compressor ;)
Law of conservation of energy prevents this. Gear backlash, for example? Air speed being lost to exhaust?
bart.p3 years ago
great project! have you ever done any test on how much vacuum this thing can generate? im currently designing a turbine that would pump air and have the shaft spun with an electric motor, one of my constrains is the intake size so i need to suck in as much air as possible and preferably compressed it as well
bart.p bart.p3 years ago
if you ave more info about these turbines please let me know, bart.patrzalek@gmail.com
den316a3 years ago
my Question is how much torck does this have can u run a generator off of it?
Jar Sqwuid3 years ago
Perpetual energy? That's all fine and dandy if you can find metal that will never rust or corrode, or other materials that are otherwise impervious to the various elements. As well as trying to complete Tesla's failed project to transmit energy wirelessly, because otherwise you're going to need a load of veeeeerrrrrryyyy long extension cables.

Awesome project, really :) I wanna try it!
raybent4 years ago
Actually, perpetual "motion" is entirely possible - you just have to choose the correct speed. Once adjusted to the correct speed, the friction reduces to zero. Hence it will run at that speed forever. The correct speed? Zero. Remember - zero is a valid number.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but my understanding of the number 'zero' is that zero is not a number, but a representation of the absence of a value. So it's not a number, but the absence of a number.
kanhai4 years ago
can i know how much pressure we will need for this working at 10000 rpm
seansarvela4 years ago
your design looks good. Im making one that is similar, although mine looks terrible.
zaney5 years ago
 as a thought, would it be possible to connect 2 of these together in such a way that with a motor attached to one you could pump enough air to run the second, the second being set up as a small generator to run the motor?
Dinuc zaney4 years ago
Unfortunately not.

Motors and generators are not 100% efficient. The best motors are about 95% efficient and the best generators about 80%. The rest of the energy is lost to heat and noise.

The Tesla turbine is also not 100% efficient, let's assume it is 90 %.

So if you put 100 units of energy into the motor, you get 95 units out to turn the turbine. The turbine then outputs 85.5 units of energy (95 x 90%) into the other turbine, which outputs 76.95 units of energy (85.5 x x90%).
This turns the generator which outputs 61.56 units of energy (76.95 x 80%) which is fed back into the motor ad the cycle begins again.

So your system runs down very quickly.
what is the inlet pressure used for this tesla turbine. and what is the power produced by it
chairchild4 years ago
if you added some exhaust port, in-line with the cutouts on the disc, efficiency would increase massively. The way it's working in this setup, is pretty much choking the output down to pitiful levels - easily one of the nicest-looking ones I've seen in a while though

and the perpetual motion comments? LMAO!!
In my opinion it is unwise to say never. As far as perpetual motion is concerned I don't think it is far off in being sussed. We have the science of hear and now so are limited by discovery. They say the day we invent the superconductor that runs at room temperatiure we can build a generator in a matchbox. As yet we have not discovered other planets minerals or structures to say that one element combined with another may not unlock this potential. I think the experiment touches on what NASA should be working towards generating electricity in space from sources other than chemical or solar or even nuclear and where the experiment would significantly reduce any friction in outerspace where gravity does not act on the structure. You spin a satellite in space and it would spin forever (we would like to think) and in future we may find a metal that does exactly what a superconductor does and defies gravity. Perpetual motion is not impossible just not with todays knowledge. Think if you could defy gravity to raise a weight and then reapply gravity to let it fall and gather the energy and repeat the process. Use a superconductor as the weight and then you have perpetual motion. Awesome insight and a very well thought out project 10/10....
moritata5 years ago
thanks for your information
very nice
how do u connect a electric motor to it cause i got an idea and i wouldnt mind ur opinion but i would need ur help
djr67896 years ago
what are the uses for this?
Steam Head6 years ago
How would steam be as a motive power? That would give the turbine some extra "grunt" I would think. Fantastic Instructable.
tater_30017 years ago
if you were to add a connecting piece to connect the platters like a water wheel except in a spiral fashion down the spindle, would the platters move faster and create more energy?
mrfixitrick7 years ago
Great instructable!
I, too, have an Instructable on how to build a Basic Tesla Turbine...except from CD discs, and CD Spindle...Wish I knew about your instructable when I recently did mine!
For a really different take on the Tesla Turbine check out my new Steampunk Tesla CD Turbine with Pumpkincutter Attachment in action...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aoRh8T_VX-Y
excellent instrustions! a trip to tap plastics (for the acrylic), my neighbor's junk box, and my garage later i made this thing with no trouble! i used this to prove a point to a friend who had negative thoughts on using steam to genterate electricity; low-pressure steam made in an old pipe cement can drove the turbine which drove a small electric motor, generating enough power to power a small light and a fan. i redrew mine 3d in autocad, ill try to post my plans here later... maybe
prank9 years ago
Cool project, and a beautiful machining job. I wonder if you could make one that turns at high torque with a low-speed flow (wind turbine...)
sbtroy (author)  prank9 years ago
Thanks Prank. One big perk to my job is that I have access to a fully equiped instrument shop. I think decreasing the space between the platters would increase the torque. The boundary layer is very thin and any air flow between the platters but outside of this region isn't contributing to the torque. Also, air is compressible while water and oil are not. Using a more viscous fluid at a lower velocity might increase the torque as well.