The glove on the right is a CyberGlove, made by a company several years ago who charged $30,000 per glove. I know this because I found a pair in the lab I work in at school...

So I built my own pair with 70% of the functionality for three orders of magnitude cheaper. These gloves will measure the position and movement of your fingers and dump it into a computer so you can teleoperate a robot, control animatronics, manipulate digital content, or whatever you want.

Step 1: The Glove

Finding a good glove is more important than you might think. It turns out I picked probably the worst glove I could have, but I still made it work. Ideally, you want a glove that fits very snugly. I imagine a leather or spandex glove would be great. It must have fingers and it should be smooth without any decorative ridges or patches or anything. I used some $4 gloves from home depot that we had laying around my shop. You can make this project as cheap or expensive as you want in picking your glove. If you're just building one, use the glove for your dominant hand. 
<p>Your DIY guide is very helpful, however it is important for you to be accurate about the facts you are stating. One important claim you made is clearly an embellishment to generate you more traffic. The retail price for a single hand 18-sensor CyberGlove III is $13k. The one you show in the photo is actually a 22-sensor version of the CyberGlove III and it retails for about $17k. </p><p>I understand that this guide is intended for individuals or organizations on a budget, and for those that cannot afford the quality and precision of a CyberGlove, but it is important to be accurate with your claims.</p>

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