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Attach a segment facing towards.
<p>I made two of these out of 1/2 inch copper tubing. One with 6 inch sides and a large one with 12 inch sides. Instead of using solder that would show I used golf shafting epoxy that I had lying around. I did the gluing in two parts with the first day just piecing together six V-shapes. Three of the V-shapes had 90 degree elbows on the ends pointing straight up. The second day I pieced together the subassemblies to complete the design. Added a dangling metal hoop in the middle for a little extra eye appeal. The hoop for the larger version is actually a copper colored hard drive platter from an old DEC mini-computer.</p>
Really cool! Wanting to replicate the sculpture I bought all the items needed except the elbows. Turns out that all is available in Oakeyville <strong>[</strong><em>term coined by Gorfram</em><strong>]</strong> are inspection elbows and very long bends. Got my Father to look in Port Elizabeth and no dice there. Any chance you would be prepared to scale this up for me to 1&amp;1/2&quot; (one and a half inch) 40mm, then I'll be able to make it out of old windpump pipes. Not so good at the scaling-up stuff.<br /> &nbsp;Thanks<br /> Do you have any other 2d-3d patterns as well?<br /> <br />
You can scale it by making the segments longer. Just make them all the same length. Just make sure whatever length you choose the pieces are rigid enough so they don't bend and sag while you try to glue them.<br /> <br /> If I&nbsp;come up with other interesting shapes I'll post a new instructable for them.<br /> <br /> I&nbsp;suppose a general rule for 'interesting' objects is to make sure your object occupies a volume evenly. Otherwise you'll get something that mostly grows and shrinks as it turns rather than morphing.<br />
I might suggest putting it all together first, then glue a section at a time. I definitely want to try this.
You can assemble it without the glue, but you'll find that as you progress along it'll shift out of shape from it's own weight.
Nice design. I'm thinking about what color to paint it, or what materials I might want to substitute; PVC is useful and affordable but not optimally decorative.
Oh man! That is sooo cool! I love pvc, and a sculpture that morphs would just be awesome for me to own :D

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