Step 8: Enjoy Life, Courtesy of your Roof Rack

Picture of Enjoy Life, Courtesy of your Roof Rack
Don't forget to enjoy life, ever. It is so easy to forget, strange as it may sound. We can resemble an ant colony, each of our members assigned a task with other tasks waiting in line. Blame the Puritans (America's very own religious fundamentalists -- the first ones but not the last, so 'some people' should stop pointing the finger at other cultures all the time) and their Work Ethic. Nations without a Puritan history probably have more pleasant philosophies about work.

In any event, here we are. If only the roof rack could bear other burdens, but no, it is a physical solution for physical problems. Expand holistically, and make the world itself bear the loads, as now....

Step L -- L for last step, but better, L for Lovely day on the water, the proof that it was all worth it.

-- photo of kayak on Bantam Lake swamp river