Step 4: Enjoy!

Picture of Enjoy!

You're ready to hit the road!

Some tips for making the most of your van's new bed:
  • Store everything in labeled clear plastic bins. This is especially important if you plan on crossing borders, as police and border guards will be less suspicious of your hidden storage if you can quickly show them everything you've got under there. It will also make finding things much easier!
  • Buy a cheap carpet or rug to throw over the top. Having the rough wood covered with carpet will save you from splinters without you needing to worry about sanding and finishing the wood.
  • Use a cheap futon mattress instead of an air mattress. No one wants to pump up a mattress after a long day of driving or worry about patching it if it leaks.
  • Create some window coverings that you can put up for privacy when you're sleeping in the back.