Step 1: Linear Slide Bearings Video

The CNC router would be useless without a way to move the router on the axis without play. Linear slide bearings are the answer. They enable a very stable and smooth sliding motion without binding. this method of bearings has been used many times, so you can be sure they will work.

The slide bearings are one of the most important component to the CNC router, and it's good to get the concept down in the beginning. You will need about 6 of these in the CNC build at varying sizes (the gantry slide bearings will need to be much longer than the y and z axes.

You will need regular skate bearing (609zz), 5/16" nuts, 5/16" x 3/4" bolts, various drill bits and a 5/16" tap/drill bit set.


Just wondering when posting this you said about 6 gantry slide bearings, what lengths were you using that required 6?

chriswillb6 years ago
There's no video
phooddaniel (author)  chriswillb6 years ago
Metacafe rejected the purely instructional video for some reason. I ported these videos to youtube. Here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=juvTRIwDcOI

Many thanks and my apologies for the inconvenience and my screaming children, Patrick
Oh thats ok, thank you for responding i'd probably prefer youtube anyway.
hisb796 years ago
I cringed when I saw where your fingers were when you were using the hand drill with small drill bit. I have seen a bit break in the middle and the remaining bit in the drill go straight through a thumb. It was my thumb when I was a kid :S
dedetc6 years ago
Distance for drilling? Centered?
stuwegie6 years ago
What is the width and thickness of the aluminium angle?
mortso7 years ago
Dude... This is SO amazing! Your wife must be a saint. You need to sell these so you can afford a garage! I love the Baby Babble too! Sweet!
fmlywomn7 years ago
this is awesome, I will have to share this video with my husband and children. thanks....
bnlacava7 years ago
i would hand-thread and use some lube