Build a Cheap Rc Boat and Upgrade With Fpv





Introduction: Build a Cheap Rc Boat and Upgrade With Fpv

I'll explain how I built a boat rc from not much it works really well and is very stable I think do evolve again ......

Step 1: Materials Used

- plastic board

- hot glue

- motor of an old rc car

- servo ( hitec )

- wire

- transmitter and receiver ( for me its an frsky fs th9x )

for the FPV upgrade

- video transmitter and receiver ( 5,8ghz 200mw boscam )

- camera ( gopro)

- goggle (quanum v1 )

Step 2: How

First I took a sheet of plastic in the trash after I cut out to obtain a form of flattened boat

Step 3: Glue All !!

I glue together and add the back

Step 4: Electric

then I put the old engine , the steering servo (hard to settle ), the receiver , the controller , cabler all ...

I add the propeller ($ 1 on amazon ) set on a threaded rod

Step 5: FPV

for fpv I set the camera, the emeteur I add a compass for more realism ! a piece of plastic bottle to the front wind !

Step 6: Lets Go Test !! Exelent!!

subcribe to my youtube channel!!!!

thanks !!!!

has soon for another idea



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Please, put here some photos and info, how do you mount motor to chasis and propeller.

Really cool and easy boat. Can you provide the template for cutting. Thanks. Regards

this is my template

plan du bateau.jpg

I have not done model for cutting.
First of I use a paper cut out the scissors that I use as a template.
I try to find this sheet to provide you with the template.

exuse me I have answered above

PospaPunk to secure the motor I call with pieces of foam and glue . for the propeller , a threaded rod , a nut , a tube for aquarium that I filled with grease to stop water, here are the photos of the assembly

I make two boat there as the two examples