If you're like me, anything that looks like a tube and comes to a point can be made into a rocket.  Crayons fit that description perfectly, so when I found a giant crayon-shaped bank at the store, I knew its fate immediately.

This Instructable, created for submission to the Launch It! contest, describes how to turn a crayon bank into a high power rocket.  For regulations restricting the flight of high power rockets, see step 5.  There are many different ways to turn a crayon bank into a rocket.  I will be detailing the design I chose.  Step 2 will provide insight into how you can make your crayon rocket unique.

Step 1: Materials

To make a crayon rocket, you will need the following materials and tools.  Flight hardware for various configurations is described in Step 5.

Building materials:
- Jumbo crayon bank (Toys 'R' Us, $7.99)
- 38 mm tubing (Wildman Rocketry, $6.25)
- 1/8" plywood (Hobbylinc.com, $11.19)
- Small strip of paper
- T nuts (optional)
- Screws (optional, same threading as T nuts)
- 2x 1/4-20 closed eye bolts (McMaster, $2.89/each)
- 20 ft climbing webbing (REI, $0.30-$0.36/ft)
- 2x 1010 rail buttons with well nuts (Doghouse Rocketry, $3.25/each)

- Exacto knife
- Dremel rotary tool
- Laser cutter or hand saw
- Wood glue
- Epoxy
- Calipers
A design worth of a mad cow rocket. Nicely done!
Thank you!
Nice to finally see some HPR stuff on here! About 10 years ago I used one of those crayon banks to build one myself, but never got around to flying it. I really need to get back into the hobby!
I was pretty confused at the lack of HPR floating around Instructables. I'm glad I can contribute this kind of material and hope it will grow in the future!
Many dont know it exists. To a lot of folks Rocketry is still just the little Estes rockets kids built in Scouts. Plus, after the ATF rulings back 13 years ago or so (That since have been reversed) A lot of folks have steered clear of it. Actually FINALLY seeing your Instructable has motivated me to order a new rocket and rebuild my fleet. (Damn I miss my 8lb V2 I used to own)
<p>Great design and execution! When I made my first one I just winged it so to speak! :) http://www.rocketreviews.com/scratch-crayon-rocket-by-chris-pine.html</p>
Besides, the Estes crayons(about 20 in. tall) are a fairly recent product. Some of us have been building HPR crayons for years... :-)
Love rocketry<br/>It is unexplainable
I wonder how well a wax crayon would do as rocket fuel. When I saw the title I had potassium chlorate (fish tank oxidizing tablets) inserted into a hollow crayon envisioned in my mind. I was just wondering how it was contained when I scrolled down and realized these things are quite large :D haha. They look great and they seem to work exceedingly well (:
Crayon wax is primarily paraffin, which surprisingly can be used as a rocket fuel. Paraffin is typically used in hybrid rockets, which spray a stream of nitrous oxide gas over the paraffin fuel grains. These rockets are so named because they have hybrid properties, acting like both solid rockets and liquid rockets.
Wax, rubber, plastic, all are used for Hybrids. Its a great system. I wish I could ahve gotten into it back when I was still flying. Also most folks will NEVER mess with the stuff, but do a search on Zinc\sulphur Micrograin rockets. The launches are nothing less than spectacular!
Estes has kits for these fyi. They come in like packs of 8 for like 60 bucks i think. Thyre about 2-2.5 feet tall.
Indeed, you are correct. However, this is not anything like the Estes rocket. It is orders of magnitude more powerful, about 3 ft long, and made for the purpose of experimenting with design and building techniques.
Same here I thought wax crayon

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