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Introduction: Build a Curved Wooden Fence

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Okay this is the conversation I had with my wife while discussing me possibly building a fence. 

What she wanted:
The mailbox and the lamp post to be outside the fence.
Comfortable for our neighbors to lean on  or set a drink while they chat with us.
Just high enough that the dogs won't be tempted to jump.
Privacy for us while we are laying in the hammock.
And.. no corners so the dogs won't have "Fence wars" <- all dog owners know what I am talking about....

The conversation:
                "I don't know babe, around the mailbox is going to be some pretty funky angles"

Erin (AKA wife whom I love). "Just make it a curvy fence and you won't have to do any angles"

                    "Sorry can't make a wood fence curve like that" 

"Don't tell me that, you haven't even tried!"

Step 1:

The long and short of it:
I took 2 sheets of exterior marine grade plywood and got 4 complete curves out of each one.
I cut those out first.
I placed my completed curves on the remaining pieces of plywood and scribed around each one trying to get the biggest pieces I could out of them. Then I joined all those pieces together with gorilla glue. *You could use any water proof polyurethane wood glue.* Clamp the curves before you screw them. leave them clamped until dry.Then I screwed the pieces from the bottom side with 2.5" exterior screws. This gives you the curves. 

Step 2:

 If you cut them out with a Shop Bot CNC you could skip this step, but alas all I had was a cheap jig saw so I had to do this:

I took all four curved sections and clamped them all together. 
Then I took a belt sander to them to make them all even up.
Fill in any voids with exterior wood filler.
If your sander starts to over heat I recommend you stop and take a water break.

Step 3:

I did this project over the course of 18 months and it cost about 15 dollars a linear foot.



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    pro fence!

    18 months?! My wife wants it done yesterday! Good job and looks great, BTW.

    what type of wood did you use for the uprights? hemlock?

    I love it and now I'm going to build one to incorporate in my "backyard oasis". my wife is gonna love it! thanks so much for posting this instructable!!!

    Genius. This is how shapers make surfboards. Glue two pieces of fiberglass together then cut out your shape, sand, glass etc.

    Stupid question coming from a wife who wants her husband to do same: what size boards did you use for the fence slats? My apologies if you've already indicated this. Also did you secure all of your posts in concrete? And lastly, don't know where you live but we have fairly brutal Midwest winters here so could the project fence be finished much sooner than the time it took for you? I assume just as with some of our home projects that life and work get in the way often but we have some access to my helpful carpenter filled family members. I figured I'd ask these before "suggesting" your beautiful fence to him. Thanks for sharing your amazing work. It looks just as great as prof. install.

    1 reply

    I only got to work on the fence before work, and maybe 1 or 2 days a month. I used 1x4 slats. I used concrete to set the post, and did the lath and tile after I set them.

    Thank you, I will he posting another instructable on me making a new door for it. very soon.

    Wives Love this!
    Great Job. Beautiful!!

    That's very cool!
    I like the comment from your wife : How do you know? You havent even tried yet.
    Did you consider laminating strips of thin plywood over a form to get the curved rails? I'm curious to know if that would have worked out cheaper.

    1 reply

    I did consider that, but I was thinking that if i oriented the boards up and down I would be exposing the seams to water being forced in them when it rains.

    NICE Job!! very sweet. This coming from a professional carpenter.

    that's pretty awesome !