Introduction: Build a DIY Knex Digital Camera Tripod (actually a Quadpod)

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Uses all k'nex except for the bolt used to connect the camera to the k'nex. See my youtube video on how to make it and use it.

Step 1: Build the Base

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Connect 2 blue or black connectors with a white rod, and add 2 half-moon connectors with 2 blue rods. See picture for help. Connect the two half-moons with a white rod, then add a white rod to one of the tops of the blue connectors. Add two yellow or red rods to the end of the half-moon connectors. Connect those with a orange connector. See pictures.

Step 2: Build the Camera Connector

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Basically, find a bolt that will screw into your camera with medium (not too much) tension. Add a gray connector, and add a white rod to that. See 1st pic. Then, connect the white rod like you did on the other in Step 1. Before screwing into camera, add 2 or 3 blue spacers, since you want the TIGHTEST fit, because, you don't want your $300 camera to fall on your desk while recording a YouTube video (my scenario). I used 3 spacers on my Sony DSC-S650. Then, screw the bolt in, and you have just made a DIY camera Quad-Pod. In this instructable, I used my previous camera, since it takes horrendously horrible pictures inside. It takes good pics outside, but I am using my S650 on it. Virtually any camera will work with this, provided it has a tri-pod mount hole on the bottom. Have Fun!


Sniper752 (author)2010-04-14

Pretty good but you should try to make one that retracts, like the real tripods
that would be cool!
feel free to post this on my forum:

arrow shot (author)2008-01-08

pretty simple, very constructive, +1

chopstx (author)arrow shot2009-11-03

What does "+1" mean?

Hiyadudez (author)2009-06-25

This is more of a bipod than a quadpod.

Whaleman (author)2008-01-08

Hmm, it would seem as if it is not very stable forward and backwards.

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