Step 3: String Up the Bow

After the glue cools, use a knife to make notches on the top and bottom of the bow. Take a length of twine and add loops at both ends. Now afix one loop over the bottom of the bow and push down beding it so you can get the other loop over the top. Wear safety goggles and watch that there are no sharp edges that can spring back and hit you in the face.
why is this under nerf? this isn't a nerf thing
if i didn't have a twine what string can i use
you could use an old fishing rod for the fiberglass
not really a fishing rod is tappered and hollow the can't be either<br />
What diameter rods did you use? Also, are these hollow rods or solid?
were do u buy the poles
wat exactly is the fibre glasss pole u used?
its from a fiberglass reflector pole <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.fiberglassinnovations.com/">look here</a> look in the pic, its the one with the red reflector on it. Srry i cant describe it better<br/>
This would make a nice weekend project for Scouts. I would recommend you use some of your nylon string to create a grip at the center of the bow. Just use a series of half-hitches until the grip is wide enough and then secure the loose end with your hot glue. You can also use a bit of duct tape on your quarter-inch dowel to make the fletching - the feathers - for the arrows. Squeeze three pieces of the duct tape equidistance around the end so it contacts the dowel and the sticky side of each piece of the tape and then trim the tape to the right shape.
thats a great idea. thanks
Neat! Awesome job, and I will be careful. ;-)

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