Step 4: Now Pin the Tail on the Botty....Body

Place Plastic Bead on some left over antenna wire, take your needle nose pliers and bend it at two 90 degree angles to trap the bead between them. This will be the tail dragging roller ball so your bot isn't dragging it's butt around.

I think it be hungry!!!!
And thanks to this instructabe, I now know how to Modify a HS-55 with a minimum of fuss! <br>Thanks! and cool little bot!
This is great! you should put an ultrasonic drop off sensor to detect when it is close to the end of the fridge so it keeps going with no risk of moving of falling off.
I was thinking the same thing while watching the video, but with photointerrupters... Ultrasonic works better though!<br>
great minds think alike!
I was thinking of something like this:<br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Tiny-Wanderer-A-Table-Top-Robot/step4/The-Code-and-How-the-Sensors-Works/<br><br>(phototransistors are cheaper than ultrasonic sensors)
They sure are! plus they are easier to interface.
Hey man,<br>Thanks for the 'ible, I'm adding it to my group! 5/5<br> Win Guy
nice robot :D
Thanks Toby, keep it up with the instructables they look good!
thanks :D

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